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growing ever more and they are making benefits easier to get to. go to the heart of the guardon knot of corporations and big government and guys that economically cease from that we get to the heart of the problem. >> this is now the foundation. this is how things are done. >> right. >> very few people seem to be aware of it and that for them becomes wow, we have to really change the system. i think it will take a lot of pain before people wake up. >> i think you are right, sean. remember with the mainstream media at least with several members of the media they are part this of eco system. they live in washington, d.c. they like -- >> sean: they want access. they are out at the business and the parties. the very things we don't go to. you dragged me, you you and bright bart. breitbart. >> and i ran out of town as quick as i could. it has been a very informative
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hour. important stuff. good work. we will continue it and follow up in the days, weeks, months to come. >> peter thank you and steve thank you. and that is all the time we have left. i also want to thank all of you for watching. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues here on fox. and hope you have a great captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, january 26th. i'm al sip camerota. thanks and early. deep freeze from coast to coast. the u.s. is frozen solid from planes flipping off the roadways to cars sliding off the roads. when will we feel the heat. >> you are paying their way. do people on welfare deserve a dollar and a dream? should tax dollars be spent on lotto tickets? we report. you decide. >> i want to go out on a limb. speaking of luck, this fan makes a one in a million shot. >> with a half court hooker.
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>> look at that shot. he probably enjoyed the look from lebron. >> lebron james tackles him. more on that straight ahead. good thing they are now dating. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> live from new york, where we let the crew produce the show and pass the savings along to you, it's "fox & friends." >> alisyn: it's bad when at this hour of the morning i'm slap happen? >> we are in for a good show. >> 6:01 a.m. you have the right to be slap happy. >> i usually control the uncontrollable. [ laughter ] until 9:45 when the wheels fall off the bus. it's happening right now. >> it's so cold. we do begin with an extreme weather alert. deep freeze is making for dangerous travel conditions around the country. in arizona, there was a scary landing for a small plane.
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once it touched down, it hit a patch of ice and it slid off othe runway right into a fence. i think it's like driving down the road and hitting black ice, off oyou go. >> luckily the two people on board were not hurt. >> in virginia, slippery commute as you can see the cold and freezing temperatures there. fresh snowfall causing several accidents and problems. >> for the latest on this potentially dangerous weather we check in with rick. >> i told you it was going to get cold. >> you were right this time. [ laughter ] >> game on. >> it's really bad. do you not want to be outside for very long at all. >> today is day seven for a lot people of this cold weather. it's going to get better. we have had the severe weather yesterday. ice. that pink moving across much of tennessee. icing on the trees can cause power to go down and we talk about a half inch on some of the roads that means those roads become a solid sheet of ice as my mom would say. temps as you are waking up.
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cold across yeaforts north. not as cold as it was. 3 in minneapolis. the east is is going to look pretty good behind this storm system as far as precipitation goes. big storm out across parts of the west. southern california and arizona. this is one storm, there is another one in towards the pacific northwest. those will be weather makerrers across the central plains and eventually the northeast. take a look at the fiewrd, what this storm does it pulls out here into parts of the plains. by tomorrow you see that big area of pink, that's an ice storm potentially that we are talking about tomorrow and tomorrow night in across places like saint lewis and chicago and detroit. now, typically we see snow here. we don't see ice storms. incredibly dangerous. much more dangerous than a snow storm. big problem we are dealing with here. potentially seeing some of that ice maybe making its way in philadelphia and new york city as well on the day monday. behind this storm it warms up a lot. and that's going to be the
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good news temporarily for a warm-up. this is really the bulls eye where the cold air has been. today's temps better than you were yesterday for almost everybody by about five degrees tomorrow. another five degree warm-up. and get toward the day on monday. and you see this big surge of warm air that's going to be in here for tuesday and wednesday for a lot of people. 50s coming in temporarily. some rain but 50s. feel better for a lot of people. guys? >> alisyn: i'm in favor of the surge. thanks so much. >> people wanting know, i saw the story this morning in the "wall street journal" and it's true and i tweeted this out and people said really? you want to know why your cell phone battery is plummeting? it's because of the cold weather. cell phone batteries and most batteries on cameras and other things don't hold charges when it's freezing temperatures outside. i need to buy a new phone. >> that's why you keep it under your arm. >> i have an armpit protecter. >> little papoos.
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>> thanks for that scientific report. >> strong warning from defense secretary ashton carter. budget cuts will eventually hurt our war effort in afghanistan, he sessments maintenance on weapons and equipment will have to be ewessed and that will effect military readiness. the pentagon has began laying off 46 temporary and contracted workers. the full-time employees are also in the works. the pentagon is facing nearly $50 billion in cuts unless congress can agree on alternative. president obama violated the constitution. that's the decision from a federal appeals court. the ruling avoid the president's recess appointments of three national relations board members. recess appointments are when the president fills an administration position while the senate is not in session to avoid confirmation. the court says recess appointments can only be made between formal sessions of congress. the ruling also questions the nomination of richard cordray as head of the consumer financial protection bureau. the white house disagrees with that decision calling it, quote, unprecedented but no
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word on if it will appeal. she was found guilty of murdering her2-year-old daughter but found guilty of lying to -- i'm sorry, not guilty of murdering her daughter but guilty of lying to police. now casey anthony has had two of those four lying convictions overturned. the court finding that anthony actually only gave two interviews to detectives. not four. letting two convictions stand but throwing out the rest. it is definitely the video of the day. an amazing shot. a ton of money and a huge celebration with a sports star. >> all right, mike, here we go. [drum roll] [cheers] [siren] >> wow! that is quite a response from lebron. amazing the fan sinks the hook shot from half court. winning himself a full 75,000 bucks. the icing on the cake he got tackled by nba super star lebron james.
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oh, man, might see him again sometime. >> he hopes he sees him again sometime. >> call him. at least you get dinner from w. that 7' $5,000 prize comes from the will lebron's foundati. he will use it to pay off bills. >> car max. carmex. >> car fax. he can get his car fax report. >> you can imagine getting tackled by lebron james. >> now he thinks they are friends and he can going to call him on a regular basis. >> that was an act of violence. >> this weekend will mark, i don't know, maybe the 400th sitdown interview on "60 minutes" for the president, president obama, it seems to be his go-to interview forum. "60 minutes" sitting down with steve kroft. president obama has preferred going and sitting down to steve kroft "60 minutes" more
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than any other television format interview person out there. steve kroft has got the interviews. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> are you winding up? >> well, let me just say, the irony here is that "60 minutes," which i think is a quality show, it's put some good stuff on. clearly withheld the news from an interview with president obama back in september that turned out to be push for innovation no a presidential debate and i think had a bearing on this election. basically they interviewed president obama on september 129, the day after the benghazi attacks and the president said and i think i'm quoting it's too early to tell whether or not this is terror related. this became a real issue in the campaign, when the president retroactively said no i always described it as a terror attack. "60 minutes" had that footage and they did not air it at the time. they did not air it when the debate broke out when the president this a terror attack. they withheld that from the public. i would say that's a direct violation of your duty as a journalist. >> maybe that's why they like going on there.
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>> alisyn: president obama has said that he likes the format of "60 minutes" he can give longer nuances answers rather than up against a three-minute break. what they are doing is sunday night is very interesting. sitting down with hillary clinton, secretary of state and president obama in first and only joint interview. why would they do that? let's listen to their motivation for why they are doing this together. >> why did you want to do this together, a joint interview? >> well, the main thing is i just wanted to have a chance to publicly say thank you because i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we have had. it has been a greats collaboration over the last four years. i'm going to miss her. i wish she was sticking around, but she has logged in some miles i can't begrudge her one take it easy for a little bit. i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she has played during the course of my
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administration and a lot of the successes we have had internationally has been because of her hard work. >> a few years ago would have seemed -- been seen as improbable because we had that very long, hard, primary campaign. but, you know, i have gone around the world on paragraph of the president and our country. and one of the things that i say to people because i think it helps them understand, i say, look, in politics, and in democracy, sometimes you win elections, sometimes you lose elections. and i worked very hard but i lost and then president obama asked me to be secretary of state and i said yes. why did he ask me and why did i say yes because i love my country. >> i tend to take people at face value and tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. that's what we should do in general. so i have believed hillary when she has said she is not interested in running for president until right now. >> how could would you feel if u
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are vice president biden. >> i wonder. endorsement of hillary clinton. it feels like endorsement. >> how do you feel if you are the vice president. all these polls came out this week in a head-to-head matchup between hillary clinton and vice president biden. hillary would win in a landslide. we are not running. we didn't say anything yet. is he like we just started our second term here. >> this is a show been on the air for approaching 50 years. made its bones and reputation by barbecuing people. giving people a tough time on air. does the president, do the secretary of state need more exposure? do we not hear enough from them? what's the point of this. >> you think of 60 mince. see in 15 minutes. called this interview because i wanted to thank hillary here. here is what bernie goldberg has to say about the media, specifically. >> four years ago the so-called mainstream media
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fell in love with barack obama. they have been slobbering over him ever since. now we have hillary clinton who is another potential historic figure. she could be the first woman president of the united states. and this week, after those hearings, the media began slobbering in earnest. and it will continue and it will ratchet up when she announces that she is running for president of the united states. it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it because these people, these journalists were born without the embarrassment gene. nothing embarrasses them about how they behave. >> alisyn: let us know what you would like to hear from the president if you were sitting down in an interview. i feeted that out what question would you ask? coming up on the show you are paying their way. should people be able to buy lottery tickets with that money? we report, you decide. >> she just got done telling a live audience how friendly
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they were when this happened. >> would you not eat my pants? [screams] [ laughter ] >> is that joan rivers? >> that is just so awesome. good morning america. when goats attack, coming up. the perils of reporting in the field. [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. fact is, when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips go below the enamel surface to whiten as well as $500 professional treatments, at a fraction of the cost. guaranteed, or your money back. crest. life opens up when you do. want a whiter smile today? try 2 hour express whitestrips.
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should welfare recipients be able to buy lottery tickets? not according to lawmakers in north carolina. they are trying to put a ban in place to stop that. this ask just one example of states taking action to try to eliminate waste in the system. next guest combating welfare corruption in the state of massachusetts. sean o'connell joins us now. good morning, representative. >> good morning, alisyn. what do you think of this
3:18 am
proposal in north carolina to ban welfare recipients from trying to buy a lottery ticket? >> i think it's a step in the right direction. states across the country, i hope, are weighing up to the fact that -- waking up to the fact that we have public assistance programs rampant with fraud and abuse. they have got to put in controls and restrictions to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used appropriately in these programs. what's happening in states like massachusetts where, you know, there are liberal bassianses eligibility standards are being thrown out the window. people are being allowed in these programs that shouldn't be allowed in the first place. sarcasming the system has becoma profession here in this country. we have got to put in restrictions to make sure people don't get into these programs in the first place when they could not qualify. >> alisyn: as i understand it, you passed legislation or came one legislation at least back in april to try to crack down on some of this corruption. you didn't want welfare recipients being able to use their state cash cards at nail
3:19 am
salons, strip clubs, tattoo parlors, places like that. how rife is correction in the system? how many people were attempting to do things like that? >> we found a lot of reports of people spending their money inappropriately so just manning the purchase of one thing like lottery tickets doesn't go far enough. you really have to go further. but i think the other side of the coin and one of the bigger problems is people are getting into the program that are not eligible. eligibility standards have been thrown out the window and verification has been replaced with self-declarations where people can just sign a piece of paper and say, you know, my name is jane dough, -- e, i maky $700 in rent and then they qualify for the program when there is no verification of their assets and their identification. so what i'm trying to do here in massachusetts -- >> alisyn: that's not a good
3:20 am
check and balance obviously to be able to go in and sign a paper. i wanted to ask you one last question, why not just limit the amount of money that welfare recipients can spend on lottery tickets like say $10? wouldn't it be great if a welfare recipient actually won the lottery? >> it would be if that were checked and then they had to then pay back the money that they have received from welfare assistance. like i said eligibility standards and verifications have been thrown out the window inment states the goal seems to be as many people on the program as possible. keep people on the programs. we no longer have programs helping people become self-sufficient and get off welfare. we have programs that are keeping people poor and are not helping people at all. >> alisyn: we know you are trying to crack down on all of that and turn it around. state representative shawna o'connell thanks so much for educating us too, this morning. >> thank you. >> alisyn: next on the run down, we have heard manti te'o's side of the story, now the hoaxter behind the whole
3:21 am
thing is ready to break his silence. bikini model really wants to be your friend on facebook, clayton? think again. she could be a debt collector actually coming from your cash. we'll explain. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> we're back with a fox news alert. overnight a surge of violence across egypt. that's two years to the day of the uprising that brought down former president hosni mubarak. seven people killed during those protests. two police officers also killed in a separate incident. the man allegedly behind the manti te'o girlfriend hoax is breaking his silence.
3:25 am
fox news. the man has already taped an interview on dr. phil. what was said or when that interview will air. address and cell phone number. a growing number of credit and debt collectors are turning social media to find people who are delinquent on payments. disguised as bikini clad models. post personal information of debt for friends and family to see on your wall. no real laws in place to stop it. how you can protect yourself? an attorney and author of i know how are and i saw what you did social networks and the death of privacy joins us now. lori, nice to see you this morning. >> great to be here. you are right. as we begin to live more of our lives online, debt collectors are looking for us there too. they might pose as a hot "avatar" in second life or as you have pointed out a bikini clad model trying to friend us on facebook.
3:26 am
but they are real problems. >> i'm friend with a lot of bikini clad models on facebook because why not? right? >> sure. >> they may not be real, they may be after something else. how exactly are they shaming me or setting themselves up in a fake way to make me come forward with information about my finances? >> well, one of the things is you have information already. you might have gotten a new job. they figure out they can garnish your wages. you might have posted a picture of an expensive car. or they could put something on your wall that says, you know, you are a debt beat, you are a loser, trying to shame you get them off your back. there are lots of mistakes being made. sometimes, you know, i may have a debt lower andrews professor in or go after the jazz artist in los angeles. they go after the wrong people. you may have paid already that happens with medical debts. you are waiting for the insurance company to pay it and yet, the creditor will
3:27 am
come after you and you might pay this $200 then twice. 180,000 people last year complained to the federal trade commission about unfair practices, double billing, and so forth of debt collectors online. >> you say there are some ways you can protect yourselves against these people make sure that a claim is legitimate against you first of all like what you everywhere just say -- you were just saying. ask for documentation about the debt. how do you do that? >> find out their address and write to them. you have a lot of rights. if you can get a letter to them. you can have them stop posting. stop calling you through a written request and through a written request you can also tell them to tell you the nature of the debt. now credit card companies, medical associations are selling those debts to bigger debt collectors and you have no idea when they contact you what this is about. one in ten americans owes money. think about it you owe on your credit card, some people are
3:28 am
erroneously paying because they don't even realize what they are being contacted about. >> you say get the creditor's addresses and write to them i think that's always a good policy if a bikini clad model posts on my wall ask for her address. >> if she is legit you might have some other reason to contact her. post tactics to the ftc. let them know that these individuals are posting on your wall, how do you do that? >> by contacting through email or through letter the federal trade commission or new entity. the consumer financial protection bureau. and they are in the midst of writing regulations. you can weigh in on that. tell what's happened. >> all right. lorianne druce. great information this morning. we appreciate you joining us. thank you. and to the bikini clad model who keeps writing on my wall i paid my macy's credit card years ago. stop writing to me. next up on the rundown. teachers offered discounts to learn how to serve and
3:29 am
protect. we have dispatched ainsley earhardt to a gun range in texas. what could go wrong? she will give you a firsthand look. >> this reporter just got done telling a live tv audience how friendly these goats are they are so friendly. then this happened. >> linda carson. abc 7. would you not eat my pants? [scream] in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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good morning. this is beef verses man sort of. these siberian tigers going up against some snow men showing they can have fun in the wild winter weather. go ahead, clayton. tell me more. >> the long leaps. hit by heavy snow recently. as you can see. >> did they build that snowman? >> the tigers that's one of the unreported parts of the story. the tigers built the snowman. >> it looks like it? >> searched all over to find an eye and hat and nose and carrot. that's the problem with the snow this past weekend. you are looking all over for facial stuff. where do you find that stuff? where do you find coal these days i ask you. >> in the cellar? call me stupid but i can watch that video forever. >> i won't do that i won't call you that. let's check in with rick reichmuth now. that's actually the same video loop that rick watches at home all weekend. >> you know i love any kind of wild animal video. >> here is a little known
3:34 am
secret about rick. but it's not little known because we make fun of him for it he watched a live cam video of eagles giving birth. >> it was owls and it was the eggs hatching and then them growing up. >> he was hoping. >> we're going to have a biology talk. >> hoping they were going to give birth turns out eggs hatching. >> i was sick for a weeks. i watched it for a week had it on the computer my entire time. clayton snow here and show you how deep it is. >> oh my gosh. get the plow. >> get the ruler? >> get the plow out. that's about a third of the way up the first little piece of digit. what's that called the first segment of my finger? >> you are not a doctor for a reason. ask dr. samati what the digits of your finger are called. waking up this morning, wind chill actually feels like minus 23 in international falls. minus 9 in green bay. zero in chicago. 3 in boston. it's cold but it's getting better over the next few days.
3:35 am
so, and even today it's not going to be as bad as it has been. we have seen so much cold air out there. once you get into the upper 20's it's going to feel kind of balmy. that's what we're going to see today. lake-effect snow across the area. sunshine breaking up a bit as well. down to the southeast. we will see a few more showers. that front that moved through yesterday bringing ice. that front has stalled out there. not ice. see a few showers with it temps to the south of that front in the 70s to the north of it into the 50s. it's still cold across the northern plains, but, again, certainly an improvement from where you were. we are going to watch an ice storm tomorrow across parts of iowa and illinois and wisconsin. so we'll tell you more about that this morning. and out across the west, stormy again, we have got two different storms. one in the southwest, and one in the northwest. one in the northwest bringing snow to the northern rockies. one in the southwest will see the rain end in southern california this morning. and we'll see it continue all day long across much of arizona. love to get that rain out there. see snow continuing across the central rockies as well.
3:36 am
all right, guys back to you. >> alisyn: let's get to your headlines right now. the accused fort hood shooter wants the death penalty off the table. he should be allowed to be found guilty sparing him a possible death sentence his rights were violated when a former judge on the case order that he be forcibly shaved. if it is thrown out he faces life in military prison without parole for 2009 shooting that left 13 people dead. the new judge will make a decision in the case next week. >> well, lance armstrong continuing on his tour tour de truth. he want to clean up cycling. a week after doping lance armstrong's attorney says lance tontsd testify to the anti-doping union and sport. giving armstrong until february 6th to speak with them to possibly reduce his lifetime ban. armstrong's attorneys say the deadline will not be met because of prior commitments.
3:37 am
so, there is a legendary diva who is renouncing her u.s. citizenship. ♪ oh what's love got to do, got to do with it? >> alisyn: tina turner announcing giving up u.s. passport in order to become a swiss citizen. the 8-time grammy winner was born in tennessee but lived in switzerland for more than 15 years. she says she feels at home there and could not imagine a better place to live. meanwhile, clayton, can you tell us what happened to this one poor florida reporter? >> i know her well. florida news reporter bargained -- got more than she bargained for. getting in a cage with live goats. >> they friendly. from the fair, slain carson, abc 7. -- would you not eat my pants? [screams] [ laughter ] >> she is okay. she landed on a goat. goats are soft. linda carson was doing a report on kids who were raising animals when the
3:38 am
so decided it was time for her to get out of their cage. she landed on another goat. >> very sympathetic to the goat. can you imagine being poked and prodded? >> a local news reporter gets in your cage? i don't know. i would have the same response. >> exactly, it's like food for them. >> they don't like the media either. >> apparently not. well, as the nationwide battle over gun control wages on, shooting ranges across the country are seeing a spike in popularity. >> we sent our own ainsley earhardt down to katie texas to one of the nation's top gun ranges. >> hey alli, clayton and tucker. we are in texan hour outside of houston and you wonder why we came all the way to texas for this story? well, really for two reasons. we heard there was a spike in sales here and we heard they are offering free classes just wait for, this to it a very special group of individuals. here with the owner of the gun range, this is jeremy, he owns
3:39 am
tactical firearms, state of the art facility here. thanks for letting us come in here. >> thanks for coming. >> number one reason we are here. spike in sales. tell me what you have seen. >> after the shooting started a million dollars a month to a million dollars a week in sales. >> we went into your showroom. if we went into your web site. all over the walls. if you go in there now, not as many guns on the wall. >> i was told we have 80 guns left. it's been impossible to meet the supply and demand. everybody is afraid they are going to take guns away. >> this is after the sandy hook shooting? >> right. ammunition is really hard to get. so are weapons. >> you didn't raise your prices as well. >> right. we are the only gun stores i know of we didn't raise our prices and we are not going to. >> other reason came to texas we read an article about your gun range and offering free classes to a certain group of individuals. what is that group why are you doing this? >> all teachers, faculty and bus drivers they are trying to take away guns in schools. if you look back there hasn't been a single massacre that's
3:40 am
taken place other than where chl, conceal handgun license are not allowed. >> they're not allowed in schools across the country. you are having teachers sign up for this class, bus drivers, faculty? what's what are they saying? what's their reason for signing up? >> governor perry is talking about allowing teachers to carry in schools. i don't think just having a concealed handgun license is good enough. because if they are not completely trained but it's a start. i would rather give teachers the capability of carrying instead of them taking away guns. taking away guns is is not the answer to this problem. >> children at the school knowing that the teacher had a gun? >> well, the thing is, if guns are allowed, of the bad guys aren't going to go in there because they know there is a potential of someone shooting back. all the shootings have happened in places where they do not allow conceal carry, movie theaters, malls, schools. the whole thing is is to eliminate that door a where there is no threat behind the door. >> right. the bad guys go into the gun-free area. >> right. >> because they know they are
3:41 am
not going to get killed. >> this is the range. this will be full of people in about two hours, right? >> right, right. >> so have the teachers. have they taken advantage of this. >> we are seeing 50 to 100 people in the class. we did five to seven days a week. >> how much do you normally charge per class. >> $69. >> that's a big savings for these teachers? >> huge. we can do our part it might cost us a quarter million dollars. we have to do our part to help protect our second amendment rights. >> why do they feel it's important to take these classes if they are not allowed to carry their weapons into school. >> the process takes about six weeks to get your license. if the governor does say that you are going to be allowed to carry concealed, at least they will have it at that point instead of having to waive another month and a half. >> what's the reaction from the superintendent? do you think that will happen? >> i don't. not right now. there needs to be, you know, more guidelines put into place there has got to be a start somewhere. you have to start somewhere and we are trying to make that happen. >> sounds good. we will meet some of these teachers coming up in the next few hours and talk to some of
3:42 am
the other people who are teaching these classes and find out why they think it is important. jeremy, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> back to you clayton, alisyn and tucker. >> i want to see you with the goggles on firing next time. >> i have seen it and she is very good, when trained. ainsley we are looking forward to you talking about 20 teachers have signed up this morning for that training so ainsley will be talking to them. >> coming up on the show, are you ready to save a thousand bucks on your cell phone bill? we will show you how to do this. when is the last time you looked at your bill? show you how to save big bucks. >> listen up secret smokers. you want a cigarette, call your doctor. why your next smoke could be prescription-only. we'll explain. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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>> alisyn: 44 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. social security could fall short in just three years. it's promised trillions of dollars more in benefits than the country can pay. in its worse shape. the disability trust fund could run out as as early as the year 2016. can you put the rulers away. subway now vowing to never serve a sand wimp that is less than 12 inches long ever again. the promise coming after australian man posted this photo of his subcoming up an inch short. it sparked worldwide outrage as can you hear from clayton and launched some lawsuits. go over to tucker. >> thanks, ali. if one bill is passed could leave smokers fuming it force smokers to have a doctor's prescription to buy cigarettes. is this a good idea? young joining us now is fair and balanced debate.
3:47 am
smokers on the rise than any state. law photographer and founder on action in smoking and health antismoking group. thanks very much to both of you. professor, at this point smoking is a health peril, of course, everybody knows that. but it's also an adult choice. people go into it knowing what they are getting into. why prevent people from hurting themselves. >> smoking costs the public $300 billion a year. most of which is paid by nonsmokers. reasonable stepping we can take to help smokers quit. most of them already want to quit are a good idea. make it much more difficult for teens to buy they would have to have a fake prescription as well as a fake idea. pharmacists have appear higher legal obligation about dispensing drugs. smokers 80 to 90% already want to quit, go to doctors they
3:48 am
have access to tests that might detect early problems like incipient emphysema. they will get medicine can medil help in quitting. save a lot of money and help the smokers who already want to quit to quit and slash queen smoking. it's a win-win. >> obesity is more expensive than smoking. >> what are you suggesting we tax obesity? >> why shouldn't we require a prescription for doughnuts? >> that's a dumb argument. >> it is. i'm using your argument, i think. >> you are going to require a prescription for every fat tenninged into? you know better than that. >> i don't know, ted king. >> you have got sound bites but not sound arguments. >> okay. thank you, john. >> ted, tell me why isn't this a good idea to save people from themselves? smoking is bad. we all know that? >> well, good morning, tucker.
3:49 am
the reason why this is a bad idea it cheapens the relationship between a doctor and patient. politicizes the prescription process, which should not happen. it makes things even more inconvenient for people. for one of the problems of this is you are going to have a lot of doctors who are going to be asked to prescribe cigarettes. they're not going want to to do that that's absurd. it's going to cause convenience stores. gas stations won't be able to sell cigarettes loss of revenue right there. new york state with the high taxation of cigarettes in that state. smuggling has gone up as cigarette taxes have gone up 190%. smuggling has gone up 170% since 2006. today, in new york state, 60.9% of cigarettes are not purchased legally in new york
3:50 am
state. the taxes are not paid and the state loses revenue. this is absurd idea. >> put a ban on cigarettes would it not, professor? as you know a massive percentage of many state taxes come from tobacco taxes. the government would be shafting itself, shouldn't it. >> oh, tucker you should know better than that the cost of smoking 20 times what the government gets back in taxes. >> that's untrue. >> treating nicotine established drug the same as we treat other drugs. people have to go to their doctors for birth control pills or erectile disfix pills. why should we want to make it more convenient for smokers particularly teen smokers to be able to buy cigarettes. costing us all $300 billion a year. if we treat nicotine like any other drug, you want a drug you go to the doctor and get a prescription. >> i wish i had time to refute those numbers. >> i know the numbers because i'm in the game. >> let me make a point.
3:51 am
>> i beg your pardon, we are out of time. coming up, cupid's phone number is 911. don't tell that to one guy who want cops to track down his no show date. think your cell phone bill is way too high? turns out you are right. we will show you how to save more than a thousand bucks on your cell phone coming up. ♪
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ever wonder what those miscellaneous charges on your cell phone are? do you pay for extra services that you think you may use but don't? and do you wind up with an
3:55 am
astronomical phone bill? >> i do. >> like someone i know? >> joining us is the president and co-founder of a company that helps you eliminate that waste. is he also a former verizon employee. did i get the name right. todd dunfee is here with us this morning. nice to see you, todd. great tips for us. then we will get to tucker's cell phone bill. the ongoing tragedy. >> which apparently breaks all of the rules. you have some great tips to walk us through to actually save some money. let's start with the first one here which is analyze your bill. that seems like a no-brainer start there. >> that's the company we started. the software is located at save love and what you do is you put in your users name and password for your carrier bill software goes and grabs the bill. analyzes all the charges and usage it looks at all the available plans. and then it matches you up with the right plan. we put it into an executive summary email where you send that email to your carrier. they respond back and they change your plan.
3:56 am
>> the web site is vera/save love >> you can save love is easy because it will route. >> you how much does it cost? >> it's free. >> yes. >> so number two your list here take advantage of discounts out there. everyone is available for something. you just don't know about it how do you find them? >> every company it has a cell phone account, whether it's five devices or thousands, the carriers actually give you discounts. can you go to the carrier's web site, enter in your email address and it registers your line so then you can get up to 6 to 25%. >> all right. so i sent you my bill,. >> yes. >> and your report in a word, appalling. >> yes. it's rough. >> let's dive into tucker's. >> how do i save money? >> the plan part, so, most of the savings always comes from your actual plan. okay? so, in your case, you have a plan where you are overspending $1,100 a year on your plan. >> wow.
3:57 am
>> it's hard to believe that's true but somehow i suspect it is. >> so you have unlimited voice and message but you have the wrong data plans plus you also have international feature but you didn't travel internationally. when we right size it all, we still give you unlimited messages, we still give you unlimited voice. we right size your data. and that's found the $1,100. >> current plan on your screen, $169 what you are paying. you were able to get it down to $89. >> it's $90 a month in savings. which is about $1,100. >> that's unbelievable. >> how can i actually get the sankts? can you email me after the show and woe fix this? >> all you have to do is save love the same bill we received came from verizon's web site. you enter the user name and password. it will go and grab you and take it through the steps. they must hate you. >> no, no, no. [ laughter ] >> no, really, think about it. if you like your phone, you like your network, and you are not mad at your bill anymore, you are not mad at your
3:58 am
carrier anymore. at the end of the day, when i worked there, you know, they don't want people to be mad. they have got millions and millions of people calling in, that costs them a lot of money to deal with all of this. we're fixing their problem for them. we haven't heard that yet. >> todd dunfee, great to have you on the show this morning. it is called save love more on "fox & friends" in two minutes. thanks, todd. >> thank you very much. >> change your bill. i'm going to. use your maxperks card and get a 10-ream case of officemax multiuse paper for just 4.99 after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax.
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good morning, everyone. saturday january 26th. i'm alisyn camerota. we are now in day seven of the deep freeze. people across the country suffering from below zero temperatures. when will we feel a warm-up? we have a live report coming up. thought it was a good idea, stomping on the american flag in class. he was fired for that now he is demanding his job back. do you think he should get it? >> let me read this four. >> can we interrupt whatever
4:02 am
you are doing? >> i'm region the news, alisyn, the cupid's phone number not 911. don't call it to one guy who wanted cops to track down his know show date. that's a good idea. i should have thought of that when dates stood me up. call the cops. "fox & friends" begins right now. good morning, this is jen. thanks for waking up to "fox & friends." >> that is jen rivera. that was a wonderful wakeup salutation. >> good morning, jen. >> coming up, it's appropriate that vanilla ice is on the show this morning. >> did we book him to do the weather. >> rob vanwinkle is going to be joining us because his third season of his show where he goes out and helps and fixes up homes. is he incredible. third season of his show he is going to be here showing great home improvement tips. plus he has great gadgets about your home is he going to. is he here deep freeze time. >> ice, ice baby is his battle
4:03 am
cry. the deep freeze across the country is making for dangerous conditions for drivers. look at this. icy roadways in north carolina sending cars careening off the roads. no word on whether anyone was hurt in any of these accidents that we're showing you. >> meanwhile in the state of virginia. a slippery commute there as well. cars struggling to get any kind of traction. look at that school bus. >> and now we're all wondering if there is a warm-up in our future. let's turn to rick reichmuth now for an update on all of this. hey, rick. >> there is is a warm-up coming. it's going to be really brief and feel really really nice to get those temps back into 40s, each 50s for places. wind chill is very cold across the north. see this pink in room color that's the coldest air, still see that air across parts of the exact place where it's been for now. last seven days. parts of the far northern plains and the great lakes and in towards the northeast. it's going to begin to change a little bit. a couple changes in our weather pattern. at least over the next couple of days is going to make these
4:04 am
temperatures to get better. take a look at today's highs, 20's and few 30's across the southern edge and toward the ohio valley. tomorrow, colors improve and we start to see everything go up 5 to 8 degrees. go into the day on monday. you see some of these greens here be towards 6 a in st. louis on monday. that's not before we see an ice storm on sunday. i will show that you in a second. that's all part of this storm out across the west. we have been dry for the last week in the west. and now that's changing. significant rain across parts of southern california. very heavy rain at times across arizona. this is the rainy season. this is when you want to get all the moisture out there that you can. this storm is going to pull in towards the rockies and eventually in towards the plains. as it does it's going to hit that cold air here that's settled into place across the central plains and great lakes. we're going to be talking about ice storm. at least some significant freezing rain. parts of iowa and parts of missouri looking at this freezing rain for tomorrow and into tomorrow night and a winter storm watch is in effect across parts of minnesota. over towards the chicago area, parts of wisconsin and parts
4:05 am
of iowa as well. around the quad cities over towards say milwaukee. that i think is going to be some icy. places here generally see snow. they don't see ice very much. and ice is really really dangerous. it's what very quickly causes some of the power lines to go down and a lot of accidents on the roads continue to watch that one for sunday. monday east coast ice storm as well. strong warning from defense secretary ashton carter. budget cuts he says will hurt our war effort in afghanistan. maintenance on weapons and equipment will have to be reduced that will effect military readiness. ponk pentagon laying off contracted workers. furloughs to full time employees are also in the works. pentagon facing nearly 50 million in cuts. can agree on alternative. well, president obama violated the constitution, that's the decision from a patrol appeals court. >> the court ruled that president obama ruled to bypass the senate and fill
4:06 am
three spots on the national labor relations was illegal. the president says he had the right to make so-called recess appointments last year. senatorsy away from the holidays. the court ruled that the senate was still technically in session. this ruling also questions the nomination of richard cordray as head of the consumer protection bureau. no word on whether it will appeal. most hated mom in america, casey anthony has had two of her lying convictions overturned. you remember she had been found not guilty of murdering. now appeals court has ruled that she only gave two interviews detectives. not 4. that let two convictions stand and the other two were thrown out. what do you do when your date is a know show, clayton you have had lots of experience on this. >> call 911. >> if you are this guy. that's what you do. this canadian man traveled five hours to meet a woman that he met online. not this woman when she never
4:07 am
showed up. he called police and demanded that track her down and find out not if there is food involved instead of tracking down miss no show. dispatcher suggested he find a place to stay and just cool off. there are pictures that will accompany that in later hours. >> canadian cops are like that very relaxed if my date didn't show up call the canadian mounted police guy shows up on a horse. >> with cocoa nuts. turns throughout are preconditions that obama care penalizes if you have infectious disease from drug use or diabetes because you are too fat. you are not penalized. your insurance company cannot charge you more. the only category of people
4:08 am
who can be charged more for something they do cigarette smokers. they will be paying about $5,100 on average more than the rest of us. now the problem with, this it seems to me. is that cigarette smokers are disproportionately poor, right? and under educated. this is the most regressive of all taxes. it's not hitting the rich. it's hitting the poor president obama claimed obama care would be helping. 55-year-old. if you are a 55-year-old smoker you will be paying extra $4,500 a year if you smoke in your premiums. 60 years old even higher than that doesn't affect young people as. of the costs are lower there. look, they say, you know, heart disease, lung cache, the list goes on and on. hypertension. estimated deaths upwards of 450,000 a year because of smoking-related deaths. where do these costs come from in healthcare? >> somebody has to pay them
4:09 am
obviously. we know this equation that they create more healthcare costs for the system. but as you point out, tucker, this could be considered preexisting condition. it's addictive. if you are addicted to cigarettes and you are a smoker and you have some of these health conditions. you have preexisting conditions. if you are overweight from all -- all of these are personal responsibilities. if you are overweight from overeating not a preexisting condition. >> insurance companies ought to be able to decide what they charge people. of course people voluntarily taking big health risks ought to pay more. there is no reason why people who don't watch their weight. only smokers are being single out. why is that? not because they're the most expensive. smokers save the system money because they die earlier. they take less out in social security. this is not one crackpot's opinion. that's a fact. smokers are unpopular, unpopular people wind up being penalized disproportionately.
4:10 am
of course. one in five adults. that number shocked me. one in five u.s. adults smokes. >> one last point on this. that is that you will remember that the affordable care act, aka obama care, one of the most popular provisions, the thing that everybody loved about it and what probably tipped it over in terms of winning in votes was that there were no preexisting conditions. the at least the way some articles make it sound. this is one of those little pieces of it it that many people voted for didn't know existed because they hadn't read the ginormous bill. you will remember nancy pelosi saying we have to pass this so we know what's in it. now people are unearthing this detail which they didn't know. >> it is just the beginning there elements of obama care that have not yet been put into effect. we will spend the next year or two or five or ten allergic what's in this massive piece of legislation. it's going to be like christmas. >> go to ff weekend on twitter and let us know how you feel he about that story. also this story. remember this teacher down in south carolina?
4:11 am
he in his classroom there in an effort to show how incredible freedom in this country is, and freedom of speech, ripped an american flag off of the wall in one ever american classments on three different occasions and stomped on it to show his class, he says is an educational exercise that this is freedom of speech. this is why america is free because we are able to express ourselves in this way without being thrown in prison. he was fired for that. now he wants his job back. >> it sounds like, i mean, well, let me get the other side. it sounds like first during this lesson he spoke glowingly of the united states and of the freedoms and privileges we have here. is he not known as anti-american teacher. he is not somebody who has railed against the united states. this is is a lesson he thought would make sense for his honors english class. >> yeah. >> go. >> probably just state the point that freedom of speech exists in this country. look, just because you have the legal right to express whatever view you want, and by
4:12 am
the way should, of course, and i'm grateful to have that. doesn't mean you have a legal right to a specific job. doesn't mean you have the legal right to teach my kid. if you are a nonserious fool as it sounds like this guy is i don't think you ought to be teaching. doesn't mean you should be selling vinyl siding, right? or pumping my gas. go ahead. i would be happy to have you serve my dinner at hardy's. i'm merely saying you don't have a right to be a teacher. >> what if this is just a lapse in judgment. >> he did it three times. >> three times in one day. he loved this lesson plan that he had come up with. >> this is the day that he chose. we all have kids in school. they are not serious about teaching. i would love to talk to the kids what year is the declaration of independence signed? name three people who signed it? give me a quarter of the bill of rights do you have any sense what that is? i bet they don't. those are pie in the sky
4:13 am
dreams. let us know how you feel. would you want your kids in that classroom should he get his job back? >> coming up, imagine up you are looking out your plane window to see this, fire. >> oh from a lightning strike. >> holly smokes. that is is a turkish air airliner. like snapping pictures to show off favorite meal to friends online? your favorite restaurant may want to put a stop to that. >> what will you send me pictures of from now on? i shutter to think. >> i have an idea. this is america.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur >> secretary of state hillary clinton in the hot seat this week getting grilled by lawmakers about that deadly september 11th attack in benghazi. we were mislead that there was
4:17 am
supposedly protests and something sprang out of that, an assault sprang out of that and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact. >> i have -- had i been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, did you not read the cables from ambassador stevens i would have relieved you of your post. >> look at the headlines, "new york times," four are out at state department after scathing report on benghazi attack. not true, heads roll at the state department. not true. yet state did nothing to correct the record. >> so did secretary clinton shed any new light on what actually did go wrong in benghazi? >> joining us now is one of the lawmakers you just saw was at wednesday hearing. she is the chair woman of the foreign relations committee. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you so much. >> why has no one -- apart from the guy who has made this video turned out to have no bearing on the attacks. >> he is the only one in jail
4:18 am
for unrelated charges for parole violation. he is the only one who has been held libel or been in trouble at all for about this benghazi thing. that was unrelated. now, and that's what we want to know. the state department never never corrected the narrative that people have been held accountable. what they are is they're home on a paid vacation because administrative leave would w. pay is is what it is. you are on a paid vacation. also, she said, what difference does it make whether they were killed by four guys out on a stroll one night or whether it was a terrorist attack? my gosh, that's a mind blowing declaration for a secretary of state to make. it makes a heck of a difference. whether it was a planned terrorist attack or whether it was just four guys on a stroll who just killed four brave americans. also, she says she was never questioned by the investigators? how could this thorough report of benghazi, which is what it was called, called thorough
4:19 am
when the person at the top they were so afraid to question her, nobody questioned hillary clinton. where was she? what was she doing? why didn't she send any assets whatsoever? this wasn't just a one minute thing. this was over seven hours. and we let them. we let them just be killed and no response from the u.s. no accountability. >> and furthermore, congresswoman, not only has nobody been accountable at the state department, the suspects are also not in custody and there is no justice. we even knew names afterwards. there were witnesses as to what happened. why haven't -- haven't we prosecuted anybody or been able to keep anybody in detention? >> and it looks like we are not doing much of a job in getting to the perpetrators. first of all, there is video, some of it is still unn. classified form which is outrageous. i think the media should have access to it. there is nothing classified about this video that we have been shown. and what you could is that if you are enhance the video. you would be able to make out
4:20 am
some of these faces of the people who partook in this terrible assassination and terrorist attack. and, we only have, she says oh no, we are carefully on it. we are monitoring one person that the tunisia officials already let go as a possible suspect. that's it it just the fbi weeks to get on the ground. you had news outlets that were picking up diaries and important papers from the ground. we did not seal the crime scene. we did nothing to bring this perpetrator to justice. of course the terrorists are the ones responsible. but shame on us for not holding the people who supposedly read these cables and did nothing, asking for more security. what does she say about the cables? she says oh we get millions of cables a year by protocol they always go to the secretary of state. i don't have time to read a million cables. but somebody read them. and somebody ignored them. they were pleadings for more security and they were unheeded. >> so, congresswoman, in 30
4:21 am
seconds, can you give us your theory as to why, if we have the face of the perpetrators on videotape, why aren't we following up more aggressively? we being the u.s. government? >> we had a political narrative, the obama administration did, of the george bush equivalent of mission accomplished. it was job well done. we wanted the narrative to say everything is okay in libya. it's been a wonderful success story. she did have time to go through the tv shows when it was a victory lap about the libya, the overthrow of gaddafi, she has better things to do on sunday mornings than explain this failure in leadership and failure in accountability and failure of our intelligence or what happened. we still don't have a clear picture. >> congresswoman thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> coming up, perfume for babies? sounds slightly ridiculous, right? wrong. coming to a store near you. >> then are you ready for some football? clayton has the gadgets and
4:22 am
gizmos to take your super bowl party to a whole new level. i wish he had the nachos.
4:23 am
4:24 am
4:25 am
>> welt. >> you ready for some football. the countdown is on for the super bowl. lucky for you clayton has the gantle you need to make your party teched out. >> nertd -- nerd alert. >> hi. >> what do you have for me? >> all about the tv on super bowl sunday. i put together some great gadgets starting with this television by sony. this is $200 off right now in time for the super bowl. and i'm telling you what. you can't beat this. a sony 50-inch led.
4:26 am
and here is the thing. it's 240 hertz. what does that mean? what that means is when the football players are moving and you are watching a fast action movie. there is no blurring motion. if you get 120 hertz television. you will see a lot of bloomberg and get those cheaply at wal-mart. >> for $200 off. 240 hertz and it will last you many many years. watch great action movies all year long. not just super bowl sunday as well. >> so 240 hertz doesn't mean more painful. >> no, it means more better. >> what's a cinema sound bar? >> a lot of televisions don't come with the greatest speakers in the world and want room filling sound play music. sound bar fits underneath the television on entertainment center or whatever. even mount it it blue tooth enabled. tucker from your smart phone can you stream music right to it if you want to listen to your favorite album in the room. it doesn't need to be hooked up directly to the television. can you watch that movie and
4:27 am
get that surround sound effect. >> can i hook it up to my truck for tail gates. >> sure take it your eagle games. >> this is the sling box. a lot of super bowl parties i've heard from friends do. this put other screens in other rooms. people are moving around, making it food. makeshift and place shift some of the television you are watching. my wife at home is watching "fox & friends." very smart of her to be watching this at home. this is streaming off of our home television at home using the sling box 350. hook it up to home cable box watch it on a tablet. on a pc. watch it on any other screen around your house. you can have other screens for free set up in your house so you are not paying double on your cable bill in other rooms of the house. >> wow. what's a football squares pro? this is a great app. you have your friends over. give them some activity to do. i love this app. it's actually physically a football pool. they submit their wings at home, you all pool this
4:28 am
information. you pick the information on the team you want. you can do it by quarter. can you break it down by quarter say well john won the first quarter so he wins this amount of money or maybe you are just betting food at your super bowl party. it's a great app. to oget everyone involved. kind of like that oscar poll. do academy awards parties and things like that. >> the luke, makes a whole series of great speakers. this is heir big boy. this is the lounge. can you hook this up on the wall. it has mounting brackets on the back. hook it up on a wall underneath the tv. uses apple's air play technology. stream your music right to it. it also uses blue tooth. room filling sound. if you want the jbr sound bar or libratone lounge. people like alisyn at your party talking about foot wear won't ruin the game because you are actually able to listen to the game instead of
4:29 am
alli's foot. >> what about clean up. >> dyson. wireless vacuum cleaner. aly is going to take it around. >> my husband doesn't think i know how to operate one of these but i do. >> it lasts 20 minutes, powerful suction. plug it in and charge it for about five hours and it will last for 20 minutes. cleans up all kinds of debris in your house, pet hair, has rotating blades at the end. actually sucks up tons of stuff. >> it's not great on granola. >> i think it was rick's gra monthly la that i grabbed. >> great for pet hair. you would be surprised we will use one of those in our kitchen. suck you have tons of food chips and debris. >> i'm going to push the granola in this area. >> maybe i made ever. >> i think you might want to switch to a broom at some point. [ laughter ] >> super bowl gadgets if you have any questions you can find me on twitter at clayton
4:30 am
morris. can you tell ali has never cleaned anything. >> rick is is adding it to his morning cereal right now. >> thank you, clayton. next on the run down. imagine looking out your plane window to see this. your wing is on fire. >> reading, writing and revolvers. teachers offered discounts to learn how to serve and protect. ainsley earhardt is at a gun range in texas to give you a firsthand look. and, ali. the very first time alisyn has ever cleaned anything in her life. look at this, manual labor. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events
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4:34 am
>> boys playing in the super bowl over a week. ravens quarterback joe flasho is getting attention because of this amazing wedding picture. bottle of bubbly. his wife is filling in as center. is he behind her while she is at center. >> she is going to throat bouquet, that's not a ball. >> i think it's at his high school. >> apparently got married at public high school. >> they met there. >> they were high school sweet hearts. that is their high school. >> that's wonderful.
4:35 am
would you are agree to that kind of photo. >> if i were marrying a professional football player. >> you know what you are getting into. >> you are game. if you surrender the wedding pictures as the wife husband wants to do. you are game for anything. >> what if your husband who is is like in finance or something, you don't even know, asks you to do that honey. >> just show him by taking notes at his desk on a conference call. both of us. >> you are playing the secretary? >> um. >> would that work? >> [ laughter ] >> all right, kittens. >> oh, yeah. let us know if you have any creative wedding photos. meanwhile, let's talk about that. >> tucker. >>ing and send them. >> you don't know this about lay clayton, he loves to send pictures of his food. he sends he shots, goes to a fancy or fabulous restaurant. he sends me pictures of his food. even if it's not fabulous it's lunch. >> i like to he remind her she is home at the moment. >> now there are some restaurants in new york that are considering banning photograph of the food. >> it's not just photograph.
4:36 am
but this stephen hall is a public relations representative for restaurant says people have kind of forgotten their manners in restaurants. your food is getting cold. your ice scream is melting. all so that you get the lighting for their picture correct. it disrupts the fle of the service in the restaurant. they don't want flash photograph in the restaurant. >> i have got to say. >> there is no way you could ban. this you could never enforce this in a million years. i sort of sympathize with the restaurant. who would take a picture of an ice cream. >> a friend of mine just yesterday. two days ago. a friend of mine went to the fanciest restaurant in new york and it has all sorts of creative interesting food. oh, do you have any pictures from your dinner? she says yes, look at this. we went through the slide show. there is my desert weather forecast mango sore bay. and there is my -- this is like middle age sexting.
4:37 am
>> 40 years ago pictures of my chess board. >> they call it foodograms. instagram or take photos of their food and send it to other people. go to a restaurant or anniversary or something like that. i don't take like photos when i go to taco bell. >> thank you. i appreciate you not sending me pictures of that. they also say they're banning it in part because and i have had somebody crack down on me in a restaurant. i took out a picture to take a picture. if any celebrities are at your restaurant they don't want any photos taken. and i actually was sneaking a picture of chris rock. he was at his table. i was pretending. >> a camera or his food. >> just him. but i like where you are going with this. i was curious as to what he was eelgt. i was pretending to take a picture of my friends but i was actually taking a picture of chris roth. the hostess came over and said knock that off. >> no more photos, please. >> do you find taking photos? if you look through instagram and facebook. chances are you don't mind.
4:38 am
friends at send us your food pictures. >> let's gets to your evidence lines. we have to till about. this next top priority on president obama's agenda immigration we form of the he is set to lay out the details. broken system tuesday in las vegas. >> the president will in his remarks sort of make clear his intention to redouble our efforts to make comprehensive immigration reform a reality. but this is not at the policy level, at the substance level different from what he has been pushing. >> a bipartisan group of senators, including john mccain and marco ruby know are also expected to announce their plans for immigration reform sometime next week. so imagine looking out your plane window and seeing this during your flight. that's the engine. it caught on fire after lightning struck this plane in turkey. as you can he see the lights inside the plane were also flickering during this terrifying incident. this is all caught on cell phone video.
4:39 am
the pla, we're happy to report, landed safely, no one was hurt. but that looks unpleasant. >> so can babies smell even sweeter than they already do? >> not possible. >> dulche trying to make it happen. unveiling a new baby perfume. >> about time. >> powdery fresh babies. the luxury fashion brand cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl. this is perfume for your baby. >> unisex, too. >> this is ♪ just for you to smell bike a baby. this is for your baby. >> i think it would be better if this was for you to put on. you smell like a baby. i want to nussle. >> burr berry among a few high end companies also have perfume for babies. i mean, to your point, why mask the scent of a real baby. >> i can think of a couple reasons. babies are awesome, i have had
4:40 am
a bunch of them. they are not always as sweet smelling as the lyricists would have you believe. i think that powdery fresh smell. that's adorable. even when we put it on ted over here on camera three. as rough and tumble as is he. >> yuck. >> exactly. >> nussle? >> i might nussle up to ted. >> rock him to sleep? >> soft as a baby's cheek. >> i changed his diaper before the show. >> wow. >> has he hard work. when it comes to guns, even the federal government may not know what the legislation is they are writing. >> ainsley earhardt is at one of the nation's top gun ranges in katie, texas. she has some -- tactical firearms. spent more than $9 million making a state of the art. we will show you why it's state of the art coming up. first, we want to ask you, you say that congress is very confused when they use these
4:41 am
terms what do you mean by that? >> you hear one men assault weapon. another minute you hear assault rifle. >> what's the difference. >> assault rifle fully automatic weapon made for the military only. assault weapon has the same characteristics, they look very similar in design but this is an assault rifle and this is an assault weapon we show you the difference. >> assault rifle is. assault weapon is bang, bang, bang. >> this one you can only own if you are in the military or dealer. this one anyone can own. >> it might change. >> very well possible. >> do you think it should? >> absolutely not. we need to tackle the reason why there are shootings. >> when do you use a gun like this. why would you even have an assault rifle? when does this come in handy? >> the assault rifles are an investment. we have doctors and lawyers and bankers that purchase these and when they sell them they get anywhere from 100 to
4:42 am
400% of return. this is just for collect terse. most bad guys don't have the money or want to fill out the paperwork necessary to own one of these. >> you say this is about -- you say you bought one for $5,000. >> that was seven years ago. >> now they are about 25, 15 to $25,000, depending on the name brand. >> could cece jeremy some of your guys shoot these and see the difference. >> sure, go ahead. >> what are we shooting first. >> semiautomatic and full auto. semiautomatic bang bang bang. >> all right and put our ears on. >> put our ears on. john, we are ready when you are. >> the range is going hot. all clear. [gunfire] now the next one. scott is going to shoot the assault rifle.
4:43 am
[gunfire] >> so there is a big difference between the two. >> yeah. i don't want to be in the way of either one of those actually. but that last one pretty crazy. >> i don't know about any other state. but texas we use these for game. pigs are a big nuisance down here. they tear up crop. people fly out of helicopters and shoot two pigs per auto. >> jeremy is offering free classes to teachers in the area. the classes are full. they will be arriving any minute now. we will talk to some of them or try to get some of them on camera. many are worried about not letting the school district see them on camera. because it's not legal for them to take guns into the classroom. but they are wanting to sign up for these classes and get trained just in case governor perry changes his mind or is allowed to make that -- those bills get passed or does get those bills passed. back to you guys.
4:44 am
alisyn and clayton and tucker back to you in the studio. we will see you in just a minute. about an hour i guess. >> a lot of question and controversy over what defines an assault weapon and so that was interesting demonstration. >> all right. coming up on the show. we are giving 20 f-16s to egypt and the muslim brotherhood. is that really a gadd idea? equipping them with these aircraft? >> then more and more celebrities popping the cork as a new role as wine makers. is their wine any good? we will put it to the test so you don't have to. @
4:45 am
♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
4:46 am
♪ hah @
4:47 am
♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. >> lawmakers up in arms give tanks and f-16 fighter jets to egypt. here is louie gohmert on "fox & friends." this administration's foreign
4:48 am
policy. the foreign policy is, what difference does it make? hey, what difference does it make if we give our sworn enemies, people who want to wipe israel and us off the map, so we give them the method to wipe them out? what's the big deal? we're putting ourselves in jeopardy when we're sending jets and tanks to a man who a leader whose only two enemies he he said in the past are israel and the united states are resupplying our enemies with the means to fight us. the founder and president of the amaker islamic forum and philosophy. thanks for being on the show. >> thanks, clayton for having me. >> if you listen to the congressman. he makes it sound as if egypt is our sworn enemy right now. is that the case? and, if so, why are we sending them the numbers i see 16 f-16s and 200 abraham's tanks
4:49 am
by the end of the year? >> >> it's pretty horrifying clayton that we are doing. this and goes beyond the weaponry this is about supporting ideology sworn against the united states, against the west, against secularism, against liberty and free systems muslim brotherhood hatched every muslim group in the middle east. mali being taken over by al qaeda, algeria and northern africa we see the spread of radical islamism. look back to the source it all comes back to islamist ideology. no different than in 1980 we see the ascension of the islamic ascension. let's get closer to the iranian theo crafts and give them weapons and jets and tanks and imf loan to help them with their economy. it's absurd. there is disconnect, clayton between understanding the ideology and really the worse thing i will tell you as a muslim, we're losing
4:50 am
credibility the majority of the egyptians did not vote for the muslim brotherhood first time around and on the streets they are coming back for revolution 2.0 and 3.0 and they are seeing us suppressing their dictators mubarak and even worse with the brotherhood. >> we have a long history of perhaps accidently arming people we end up then fighting years from now why end up fighting against the weapons we gave them. saddam hussein and others around the world, is this another one of those situations? absolutely. it's even worse. you are giving them a pass and say accidently. morsi has sworn he actually called obama a liar after his 2009 speech he just a couple years ago said muslims should teach their children hatred towards jews. the ideology that the muslim brotherhood sows and the constitution that their party
4:51 am
just ratified is about the islamic state. instituting sharia law, misogyny and given women second and third class rights. things enshrined in that government now clearly not symbiotic with us. we need a serious look at our foreign aid in this country. dr. jasser, thanks for breaking this down. we appreciate it. >> any time, thank you. >> basketball fan making a one in a million shot try this at home. >> half cook hooker. look at this shot. he probably enjoyed the hug by lebron probably more than the money. >> big hug from lebron james. imagination wine themselves. is there -- we will put it to the test so you don't have to. our friends are here uncorking the truth when we come back.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
sean consumption wine buyer and bar manager very famous restaurant. >> sean, it looks great. >> thanks for having pleevment celebrities getting into wine does that make you angry. >> more i think it's a good thing. >> ones i picked in my opinion
4:56 am
fruit. we get a lot of deserts. go perfect with it. poll -- pop this bottle. get singer's. this would go well with desert not so much for black eyed peas. >> it could either be will i am or fergie. since it's called ferguson i'm going to go with fergie. >> yes, alison. this is fergie's label. >> i actually like it. flag ship wine for delicious. >> oh it does smell good. >> fer delicious? >> oh, that's nice. great. test us on the next one. >> wine number two. owned by a pro-golfer. he has a passion for wine and some may even call him the shark. he he produces wines in some of the finest growing regions california as well as his
4:57 am
aussie homeland. >> since front label says greg nor man i'm going to go with greg nor man. >> should have added a great guy. i don't know gregorman but i have never heaferred a bad thing about greg nor man. >> this is steak house wine. may people may think of lighter side for pino. made in california. i paired it with our rack of lamb with some cherry sauce. >> that looks beautiful. >> tell us about this wine. >> this wine is owned by a former pro-quarterback. >> okay. >> he scored a touchdown when he started double back vineyards and wines. >> okay. >> his hometown of voila voila washington. >> >> his name is actually not on the label. >> this one is tougher. >> i'm not certain. >> okay. who is it. >> drew bledsoe. >> oh, that was my guess. >> his hometown is walla
4:58 am
washington, if you want to pear -- pair it something. >> ernie els, another pro-golfer, this south africa bore del blend. my favorite out of the bunch. lots of come please city. >> good looking bottle. thanks so much for coming in this is great. fun quiz. thanks so much. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ♪
4:59 am
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5:02 am
oh my, he probably enjoyed the -- >> fan hits a half court shot and gets tackled by lebron james. top that if you have video personal than that if do you send it to my personal email accounts. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is andrew dice clay. you are watching "fox & friends." oh. >> it never gets old. >> was that really andrew dice clay? >> he can punctuate everything that way. oh. >> ali has the headlines now. >> please intro me every time that way. meanwhile, we continue to follow the bitter cold snap. it's hitting all across the country. the subzero temperatures. and snow are making roads very treacherous as you can see cars in north carolina here sliding off othe road. no word on any injuries. >> similar scene in virginia. buses, cars, unable to keep
5:03 am
themselves from sliding around and getting stuck in high snow banks, of course. >> it is tough out there. the latest on how long this deep freeze is likely to last. we go to rick with the answers. >> almost over, guys. just about two more days of cold weather and it's not even as subzero as it was. only a few spots subzero. still freezing for a lot of people. freezing rain yesterday. that video the car off the ditch in high point, north carolina, that's ice. about a half inch of ice accumulated accumulate and that's just slick ice like you would see anywhere in your honor freezer. incredibly cold and causes major problems on the roads. snow was a lot better than that a little bit of snow yesterday across the northeast. stuck immediately because the ground is so cold. here is your temps waking up. worst of it those darker colors that's the coldest of the air. and it's retreated into canada and retreat further over the next few days and then it makes a return about next thursday in towards the northern plains. this is a storm we have right now across parts of southern california.
5:04 am
mostly arizona moving into new mexico. this is going to be our next weather maker. it's going to be another ice storm. this time farther towards the north in across the future plains. future radar, you see this tracking right there. that pink across parts of iowa. illinois maybe towards detroit. that's where we are going to be seeing the problems mostly tomorrow. freezing rain advisories in effect across much of iowa. winter storm watches already posted here for parts of illinois, minnesota. >> wisconsin. missouri as well. getting in on some of this. that's going to be tomorrow and potentially pretty dangerous situation there. temperaturewise, we have been dealing with the cold. little bit better. we're about 25 degrees warmer in minneapolis than you were around four to five days ago. certainly improving tomorrow. we warm those temperatures up even a little bit further. going to be into the 30's in minneapolis, above freezing for the first time in about 8 or 9 days which is going to be great news. see some 40s and 50s return here, guys tuesday and wednesday. it's going to be brief though. cold air comes in back behind that one.
5:05 am
>> alisyn: always have to ruin it that way. >> thanks for ruining it, rick. get to your headlines. new evidence this morning that north korea may be ready to test nuclear power swlit images where past tests were conducted. they show roads have been cleared of snow. trucks have been moving around on site and tunnels have been sealed all opinion within the past month. u.s. researchers say north korea may set off nuclear bomb inside that mountain soon. federal appeals court which ruled that the president's move to bypass the senate and fill three spots on the national labor relations board last year was illegal. the president says he had the right to make the so-called recess appointments because senators were away for the holidays. the court says that they were technically still in session. this ruling may put off the nomination of richard cordray as head of the consumer protection bureau in jeopardy. the white house disagrees with the ruling but no word yet on if it will appeal.
5:06 am
a legendary diva is renouncing her u.s. citizenship ♪ what's love got to do, got to do with it ♪ apparently love has a lot to do with it. because tina turner is said to be doing this for her boyfriend. announcing she is giving up her u.s. passport to become a swiss citizen. she was born in tennessee but lived in switzerland with her boyfriend more than 15 years. she feels at home there and cannot imagine a better place to live. tell us about the best shot of the day, clayton. >> take a look at this. definitely the best individual overthe day. ton of money at stake and huge celebration with a sports star. watch this during halftime. >> all right, mike. here we go. nails it. >> do you have to practice these shots or does it happen automatically. >> they work with the guy a little while ahead of time. maybe like a week or so ahead
5:07 am
of time when they know they are going to do this kind of stuff. >> i don't know if the guy that he got advice from told him to wear that yellow hoody or not. carmex, the lip bomb company also gave him $75,000 to win this thing, icing on the cake and he gets tackled by lebron james at the end of it listen to this. >> lebron. nice meeting him. i hope i meet him again some time. >> i don't think he will be calling him any time soon. the lebron james foundation. the fan says he will use it to pay off some bills once he recovers from his lebron james inspired injury. >> now he needs a hip replacement. >> you can imagine? wow. didn't even see him coming. >> no matter how much you love lebron james that's a lot of lebron james. >> that's a lot of lebron james. >> that was nice meeting him i hope i see him again. >> does that qualify as meeting. >> get smothered by someone in
5:08 am
anyway. let's talk about. this president obama has just been inaugurated for his second term. of course, he is feeling and doing this victory lap lately. so do you think that he would sit down for a hard hitting inquisitive interview with the likes of say bill o'reilly or something who is not going to let him get a word in edge wise and drill drill drill to get to the bottom of some points? no, president obama is once again on sunday night going back to the old trough, steve kroft. he has done more interviews with steve kroft and 60 minutes than any other reporter since even before the election and since becomes presidential. >> that's an understatement. he did five interviews with steve kroft just during the 2008 election. so he is is a favored reporter. by the way, i think most of our people would agree 60 minutes has put on quality programming over the years considering the garbage on television. but, they also have a history of sucking up to and i would argue covering for president obama. case in point. this last september, 2000 12,
5:09 am
september 11th was of course the benghazi attack. the very next day they interviewed the president of the united states, barack obama, during that interview ifs a terrorist attack. they kept that footage private. didn't show it to anybody outside of cbs news. even as the debated raged over whether or not the president recognized it was a terror attack. you remember he said he did recognize it cbs had the footage to prove that he didn't. and they held it from public view. in effect acting on his behalf in the middle of a presidential campaign. i think that's a major violation of journalistic ethics. >> now cbs and "60 minutes" is doing something interesting. they are having the first sitdown with president obama and sefsz hillary clinton who you see there together. it's always been questioned as to whether or not they are really friends. whether or not they are really warm to each other because they had that whole primary battle so here is where they talk about why they are doing a joint interview. why did you want to have a joint interview together.
5:10 am
>> main recency wanted a public opportunity to say thank you. i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we have had. it has been a great collaboration over the last four years. i'm going to miss her. i wish she was sticking around. she has long been some miles i can't begrudge her one take it easy for a little bit. but, i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she has played during the course of my administration and a lot of the successes we have had internationally have been because of her hard work. >> a lot improbable because we had that very hard long primary campaign i have gone around the world on behalf of the president and our country. one of the things i say to people because i think it helps them understand. look in politics and in democracy. sometimes you win elections. sometimes you lose elections. and i worked very hard but i
5:11 am
lost and then president obama asked me to be secretary of state. and i said yes. and why did he ask me and why did i say yes? because we love love our country. >> it makes sense because when you think post partisan he ecumenical you think of president obama and hillary clinton. no, you don't. this is just puffy propaganda. >> that's the question here endorsement for 2016. you have seen the numbers? your administration is the most divisive administration in our lifetime. don't you say that? maybe he goes on to say that i guess i should give him the benefit of the doubt. we haven't seen the entire interview. >> steve croft does and has in the past. he has asked hard questions. the cricism of steve croft in these interviews with the president. he doesn't ask the follow-up hard question. he asks the first hard question. president obama bris ling a bit back and forth with steve when he wasn't able to answer the tough questions that he had during the campaign sometimes. the question though, more largely is, that interview and these sorts of interviews we
5:12 am
are likely to see with the obama administration love fest for the media listen to bernie goldberg on previously mentioned bill o'reilly last night. listen. four years ago the mainstream media fell in love with barack obama and they have been slobbering over him ever since now we have hillary clinton another potential historic figure. she could be the first woman president of the united states. this week after those hearings the media began slobbering in earnest. it will continue and begin ratcheting up when she announces that she is runs for president of the united states. it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it, because these people, these journalists were born without the embarrassment gene. nothing elm -- embarrasses about how they behave. >> you talk about how president obama could be considered one of the most polarizing presidents. the numbers bear that out.
5:13 am
gallup has a new poll out showing that the percentage point range the gap between those who approve of his presidency and those who disapprove. obviously you see it along partisan lines. 76%. that ties the highest ever with george w. bush in the fourth year of his presidency it was also 76%. >> this is not a president who is uniting the country. frankly i think the last election shows he doesn't feel he needs to. he has got a hardened constituenciy. voting public in any case you watched his speech. on monday here is what i am doing if you don't like it, tough there. there was one passing line about reach. and even that wasn't. >> he said the word together a lot. together we move forward. together. certainly republicans after hearing it said that it felt like he had drawn a line in the sand for very progressive
5:14 am
ideas most progressive they had heard in decades this has been the theme of the administration past year. can't get it through congress go by constitutional order. this constitutional thing is silly. we have agenda and we will enact it whether you like it or not. >> ronald reagan once said government is the problem. so is the current president doing the opposite in trying to expand government. lots of people talked about that after his inaugural address as well. we have a fair and balanced debate for you coming up. then have a cell phone? you are going to want to hear this. why it may now be illegal to unlock your phone a lot of people do this. so they can go with whatever carrier they want. we'll explain. ♪
5:15 am
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welcome back, as president ronald reagan declared. governmentson the solution to the problem government is the problem. president obama is wanting -- is being criticized for wanting to undo everything reagan accomplished. undo and rethe prereagan aanyy is his marker self-proclamation the reagan of the left. krauthammer uses big words. is this what america wants? joining us for debate is stephan haste and sally cohen. he had also use big words. sit along by him on "special report." do you think that president obama is trying to undo reagan's legacy? we heard him talk so much about reagan when he was running for president, how much he looked up to him what
5:19 am
did had on his mind something like where president reagan. president obama could make liberalism safe for america. could spread the gospel progressive values just as president reagan did with conservatism. i think it's working. to the extent that he is committed to doing it i think it's working. we remain a center right country. >> charles, do you agree with charles krauthammer and stephan hayes? this seems to be the moofl president obama is making or was it there all along. >> i'm confused as to which ronald reagan we are talking about. ronald reagan was the guy who gave amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants. raise taxes 11 times. and supported the brady gun violence bill. so there is is that ronald reagan. then there is the ronald reagan sort of fictional ronald reagan that republicans seem to like invoke to pretend
5:20 am
that their party has been this sort of extremist right wing party all along they forget that part of the legacy. i don't think there is a lot of things the president has done big departure for reagan. party moved away from legacy. >> stephan you were laughing. >> i don't think so. if sally would like to. i wish we could broker some kind of a compromise where we bring ronald reagan back and replace barack obama. i would be happy with that trade. is i suspect sally wouldn't. sustaining conservative president for the better time of eight years. times where he compromised and tried to get things through a democratic i can congress. he didn't do everything he wanted. by and large president reagan was conservative guy. if you remember his second inaugural. he made a call for a freeze at the time he made that
5:21 am
argument. we had $1.8 trillion in debt. now we're talking about $16.4 trillion in debt. and president obama isn't even pretending that he wants to balance the budget ronald reagan actually grew the debt more than any other president since george washington combined. that was ronald reagan. look, you know, the other part to disagree with here is this notion where the country is at. very clear what happened in the election. they reelected president obama. they endorsed his positions on things. they didn't vote for ronald reagan. this notion that we have a center right country is maybe comforting to the republicans who lost the election, but they did lose and now the president is doing what presidents do which is lead sally kohn stephen haste great to see both of you this morning. >> test for cancer from the
5:22 am
comfort of your home. all you need is your smart phone. we will show you how this whole thing works. have you been seeing about in this week. >> now you heard manti te'o's side of the story. the hoaxer behind the whole thing is ready to break his silence. for the new mattress models,
5:23 am
5:24 am
but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. don't wait, sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
5:25 am
welcome back news by the numbers. 20,000. how many pizzas this air force veteran wants to send the troops over seas troops for patriots program. hopes to double the pie it sent last year. check out pizza for great job. next three. that's how many iphones apple reportedly plans to release thisser i don't. rumors swirling about an iphone 5 s and iphone 6.
5:26 am
and an iphone called math. i'm laughing inside. finally 10,000. that's how many crocodiles escaped from a farm in south africa. and are still on the loose. they got out thanks to gloogd. police have now joined in on the hunt. alli and tucker? >> all right. clayton. what if instead of going to the doctor you could diagnose skin cancer at home with just your smart phone? >> well, the latest alps might be able to do that. we'll find out, joining us now is dermatologist dr. doris day. doctor, thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. for those of us who have to go in, those who are swedish who go in and get our skin checked. it's kind of embarrassing. quite intimate. you can do that with an iphone? >> well, in theory it sounds really good. sometimes when it sounds too good to be true it is. you have to be really careful. look, nobody wants to hear the diagnosis of cancer. and melanoma kills one person every hour in this country. it's a number one cancer in
5:27 am
women 25 to 29 years old. number one cancer killer in women 30 to 35 years old. this is not just something that happens otold people. everyone needs to get their skin checked and look for melanoma. if found early it has a greater than 98% cure rate. >> medical center annualized dentify which one which one of them was highly effective. 98% of the time. correctly identified the cancerous moles. >> that one took an image and sent to a dermatologist. we are pretty good at finding melanomas. one of you are oil and biggest nightmare to miss a mall mel melanoma. you pick a spot and say i'm worried about this spot. either take a picture or send to a dermatologist or some of them have algorithms. the worst of the apps had a less than 7% accuracy rate. you don't know what you are getting. >> you don't know if you are
5:28 am
picking the right spot. >> that's the problem. you point to a spot. and then it's a spot next to it that's the melanoma you have a false sense of security. >> this is actually a new diagnostic tool that i have in the office. it's available across the country. actually has a 98% find rate for melanoma. this is something that once i determine that a spot looks suspicious. if i know it's bad. i know i have to remove it if i know it's fine, it's fine. >> are you going to try that on me? >> let's test ali. i have had a lot of moles removed. i have that kind of skin. >> let's look at this spot on here. it has a little bit of irregular border it takes less than a minute to do. this looks at ten wave lengths of light that i can't see. blue to red infrared. looks at 50 different parameters. it gives me a score. so, it's an extra diagnostic tool that once i pick out that spot in you that looks suspicious. i want to do this one up here
5:29 am
closer. that one. >> so i mark the spots and then they can be looked at. you will see on the camera, on the screen exactly as it looks down through the discontinue down to 2 and a half millimeters. gives a score of hay or low. within that it gives a grade. and that grade helps me diagnose and determine whether or not something -- so then we see the picture. >> that's not pretty. >> and now can i see it looking all the way down through the skin. it's thinking and processing. so even if it came back high. >> how long does it take normally. >> less than a minute. 40 seconds. >> should we move on to the other device. and then we will cock back and see what this one tells us. >> this one is about to tell you now. so what happens is that once this looks at it and analyzes it i can determine if it needs to be removed and if and how much of a margin i need. >> would you remove it on the show or later. >> right now. live. >> right now you will find out. it's right here. >> you also tested tucker's face. with this device. let's see what you did here. >> photo box. this box helps me look through
5:30 am
the skin in a simpler way so i can see how much sun damage you have h and what treatments you might need. and usually we do it in the room where it can be darker and i have have k. have a good view of it. >> i stuck my face in there. >> you stick your face in there and helps highlight the difference between normal skin and sun damaged skin and sometimes clogged poors and acne. >> let's take a look at tucker's face. can we show what you saw in there? >> it was ugly. there you go. wow. >> that was inside the box. >> oh my gosh. >> tucker looking a little nervous in that box. so the orange is where the poors might be clogged and back tier i can't understand left aover makeup, really. hard to see there but you can see highlights of sun damaged skin. can i see that there were a few spots. this one looked brighter. on your nose what i saw was a lot of areas where i could see you have had a lot of sun burns in the past. >> that's when i turn 60 it started to turn worse. [ laughter ] >> stop it. so looking okay. >> but that also means that you are more prone to skin
5:31 am
cancer than you have to be watched closely. if you see something new or changing, it's good to show your term toggle gist. >> okay. >> when we look at melanomas we think of abcdes, there are no rs. people look for rays. >> come back as low. >> low risk of cancer. >> low risk of cancer. >> that's good news. >> that's always comforting but it also goes along with the dermatologist diagnostic impression. the fact that this came back means that we can continue to watch it what you would get is a report with the picture and the grade so you can continue to compare over time and if it looks different we take it off. >> very quickly you can tell us about the one app. spot-check that you think is effective. >> spot-check is the best of all of them because it takes the picture and sends it to a dermatologist to look at. but my concern, again is, that you look at that one spot, but people often don't pick -- when patients come in say they are worried about this spot. that's a spot i'm not worried about. i'm worried about about some other spot. >> i had one taken off my back
5:32 am
a basil cell. >> all right. thanks so much. great to he see you again. >> thanks for being a good sport. >> thanks for prognosis. >> the break through the camouflaged ceiling for women in the military now allowed in combat roles. is it a good idea for the country or women? two female vets weigh? >> reading writing and revolvers. ainsley is at a gun range where they are today teaching teachers how to shoot. loss of teachers are signing up for that class. look at this, this is a case congress hasn't talked about banning these guns, the guns in this case they're sold because congress talked about banning the ones that were in here. that wall was full of guns at one point. this place selling a million dollars worth of guns every week. that's been a big change. they used to sell a million dollars a month. coming up, we're going to tell you if you are interested in buying a gun what's best. which one is best to protect you and your family. x
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
5:36 am
5:37 am
very very nice news before the next storm comes in.
5:38 am
that storm is out across the southwest. big range maker good news. ice maker though tomorrow across parts of the central plains. guys? >> i like an ice maker. [ laughter ] >> crunchy ice is the best. >> the crunchy ones. thanks, rick. let's get to your headlines. we have tell you this if you are just waking up. fort hood shooter wants the death penalty off the table. he should be allowed to just plead guilty. sparing him a possible death sentence because they claim his rights were violated when a former judge on the case ordered that his beard be forcibly shaved off. if it is thrown out. hasan faces life in military prison without parole for the 2009 shooting. it left 13 people dead. the new judge will make a decision on this next week. and the man allegedly behind manti te'o's fake girlfriend hoax is telling his side of the story now. fox news has learned that dr. phil has already interviewed the alleged hoaxer. it is the first time he has spoken publicly about the
5:39 am
hoax. not sure what he said or when it will air. he allegedly admitted to te'o and others that he created the fake girl that the linebacker had a online relationship with. >> he did so didn't know if he did it fakely. >> if you are thinking about used unlocked cell phone. now illegal clayton. did you know unlock something when you take a phone that's only supposed to work on one network and make it compatible with another network. >> call it network gnostic in the tech business. >> exactly. if you get caught you can be hit with $2,500 fine trying to switch up networks if you are not supposed to. people looking to sell unlocked phones could face jail time and $250,000 fine. do it in new york you can go here half the bodega. >> mother passes out while driving. the girl says they flew through a stoplight. that's when the little girl jumped into action. >> i turned off the key because we were about to it
5:40 am
hit a tree. so and i kept my hand on it because i didn't want her to turn it back on. >> i don't even remember passing our house and the next thing i knew i woke up in an ambulance. >> scary stuff. it turns out her mother was in diabetic shock. she -- the little girl fed her candy bars and helped to raise her mom's sugar levels. quick thinking. i have got to better train my children. >> just to feed you candy on a egg basis. >> i agree. this is another reminder. let's check in now with ainsley earhardt because there is a nationwide battle as gun control rages on shooting ranges across the country are seeing a spike in popularity. ainsley down at texas at one shooting range there that's been super popular lately. >> they have sold some guns since the shooting in sandy hook and since congress is talking about changing the laws. last hour we talked about the difference in semiautomatic and fully automatic guns. now we're telling you if you are going to buy a gun for your family, to protect
5:41 am
yourself and carry, or to protect your home, we're learning the best ones to it do that here with the owner of tactical firearms is jeremy. jeremy show us, it we have a license to carry a gun, which one should we buy? >> i recommend nothing less than a 380 caliber for self-defense. something small like this. they are not fun to shoot but they are concealable. the point is is if you have a big gun and trying to conceal it too big or too heavy you won't be able to conceal it you won't carry it. >> you are packing heat. you always carry this one. >> i have this one on me. looks like a pocket knife. very light. >> very concealable. as far as home protection. continue pickly use a shotgun the reason being if you miss when you are trying to protect your home you have to worry about the bullets that you miss they can go through the wall and kill someone else. pistol or rifle is not the best for the home defense. shotguns are the best. the problem is they are big and bulky and kick pretty bad. can't put in your nightstand. where this is a revolver.
5:42 am
and it shoots a 410 shotgun shell. it's very concealable in your nightstand. and you don't have the potential of it going through and killing someone else if you miss. and so this shoots a 410 this shoots a 12 gauge this is popular choice for women and it's a revolver meaning it won't jam. >> if you have this one in the corner of room. intruder outside. you are in the bedroom and intruder is outside in the hallway. you want to get in the corner of the room. >> you want them to come to you. unless have you been properly trained. you tonight want to go looking for trouble. >> show me what you did. >> the problem with this is. >> out here in the hallway. >> this is the door. you hear a bad guy. so you are looking for the bad guy and you are coming out. i see your gun because i'm the intruder. can i grab it and throw it on the ground. >> right or take it and use it against me if i walk in your bedroom boom boom boom. >> it's going to be a hard decision especially if you
5:43 am
have kids. first i object distinct go to protect the kids. if you holler and say you have a gun and maybe even shoot out your bedroom window. >> this is interesting. what did you tell your boys? you were telling me this. >> they know if they hear screaming fighting or gunshots to get in the corner and wait. not to come out unless they hear me or their mother's voice and say it's okay to come out. you have to train your kids in all scenarios. not just one thing to use a weapon. it's to train to go with it. >> alisyn, you were talking about training your kids, there you go. can you train them in gun safety, too. >> that's a good lesson. all such serious stuff. obviously we hate to think about it ever since new town we have all thought about it a lot. those are good tips. thanks so much, ainsley. >> thanks, ainsley. coming up on the show. a reporter just got done telling a live tv audience how friendly they were when this happened. >> would you not eat my pants? [screams] [ laughter ] >> when goats attack. coming up, viewers are weighing in on exactly what went down with this. i will tell you secret. i like her blood curdling scream.
5:44 am
>> me too. she played the moment up. they are being given the right to fight. women in the military will now be allowed to serve on the front line along with men. is that a good idea for anyone go female vets weigh in next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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5:47 am
>> alisyn: this week defense secretary leon panetta shocked some when he lifted the military ban on women in combat position. the position brought quite a reaction in washington. what do some female vets think of this position. 20 year veteran of the marine corps jetty james duff and congressional candidate donna mackinaw mere. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> sergeant duff i want to start with you. you were a sergeant. >> gunnery sergeant. >> yet, you don't like this
5:48 am
plan. why not? >> >> first of all, expects completely irresponsible. we have no data that shows the long sustaining damage with what's going on in women's bodies as it is. 40% dropped out of officer cannon school in 2011 alone. higher rates of hip fractures, spinal contraction. muscles depreciating. even if women could qualify and get into this, are we setting them up for short-term career? it is irresponsible without any studies to see the long-term ramifications on women that this is even possible. >> officer what do you think? >> i think this is the most welcomed decision. in was decision proffered and endorsed by the military. this note a group of social scientists or politicians. this is the military making a decision about its readiness, recruitment and retention this is about giving soldiers and
5:49 am
commanders the opportunity to put the best soldier in the job. now, women will be afforded the opportunity to compete for these jobs. numerous studies have shown that it is really combat command experience at all levels from the squad leader level on through the division. that lead to opportunities for promotion. and that puts sharp minds at the decision making table of strategic decision making and national security. >> to your point, let me read what general martin dempsey chair of joint chiefs have said. standard so high that a woman couldn't make it. burden on the service to come bang and explain to the secretary why is that high? because does it have to be that high? sergeant duff i know that worries you that that could mean -- >> -- absolutely lowering standards. >> why are we modifying combat proven standards? why would we modify something that has already been proven in combat?
5:50 am
this is not about equal opportunity. the marine corps by the way hasner been an equal opportunity employer. you are overweight you can't join. too tall can't fly on a plane. women need to recognize if they want their gender never to be considered never again that they need to have all women 18 to 25 years old register for the draft like males do currently legally. so, essentially we're trying to have our cake and eat it too. i have to differ. >> alisyn: let me get officer's word on this. do you think it means lowering standards? >> is it doesn't mean lowering standards at all it means looking at job-based and occupational standards. what is required for that job? there is nobody proffering a lowering of standards. everybody who has been proponent -- who probe promoting this is about performance to a job based standard. what are those occupational requirements. what is is the physical strength, the mental stamina? we do have a database of 12
5:51 am
years of more than 230,000 women who have fought alongside men in iraq and afghanistan. too many soldiers serving side by side. >> alisyn: got it thanks so much for the debate. interesting one and we will see what happens obviously in the next years about. this thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, one out of every three dog also get canine cancer if you can believe it one breed could be the golden key to putting an key to all of that f 16's to egypt and muslim brotherhood is that a good idea? governor huckabee weighs in top of the hour. it's the time of year that we have all waited for. when we sit on the edge of our seats for four quarters. it represents players reaching a childhood dream. the biggest stage there is in sports. a time when legacies are made. where a magical play can happen every snap, and you remember exactly where you were when it does. watch every moment of super bowl xlvii live on nfl mobile.
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it's a pretty shocking
5:55 am
statistic. one out of every three dogs in this country will get cancer. once they do there is not a lot can you do that researchers in colorado are about to change that. study three dozen to get a cure. dr. hayworth ceo animal foundation. dr. ross messner. thank you both for coming on. doctor, how do you deal now with a dog with cancer? is there anything that can be done? >> oh, sure, there are lots of things that can be done. cancer used to be a death sentence but, you know, just like in humans way back in the 1960's, there weren't very many good options, now there are specialists. there are veterinary oncologists that can help you through that process. it's still not a good disease to have but we are learning more every day and hopefully with this study we will learn more. >> nothing more upsetting than getting a diagnosis like that of your dog. so, josh, tell me about your golden right there first of all what's his name and how
5:56 am
does he fit into this puzzle? >> this is louie. and louie is just over two years old. he is our family's third golden retriever over the years. we have had other -- other goldens have died of cancer. so we are passionate about the idea of trying to find cures for it and find better solutions to minimize it. he is he one of the first dogs enrolled in the study. we knew the people at csu who are helping the morris animal foundation. >> so doctor, what are you learning so far from this study or what do you hope to learn? >> well, you have to start with the idea that there is no national institutes of health for veterinary medicine. everything that we learn either has to be cleaned from human research, research meant nor humans or has to be funded by an organization like for his animal foundation. we have been around for a long time. this study is building on a huge back history of studies that we have founded over 60
5:57 am
years. what we're hoping to learn from the study are the genetic, the nutritional and the environmental causes for cancer. for diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis for any disease we see in dogs. this is the biggest investigateddary study that's ever been run and we like to think it's probably the most significant. >> there have been huge extensions in the average human life span over the last 100 years. have there been similar ones with dogs? >> if you take the average life spharntion yes. same reason of extension human life span mostly dealt with childhood diseases, same thing goes with dogs. dogs live, you know how 12, 14 years. never heard of them being out in the street and running off leash. those things are fading. what we are finding now is the medical problems. cancer is huge as you pointed out. in fact, lost my 14-year-old yellow lab in november. >> it's really the worse.
5:58 am
if there is anything i would like to see fixed in this country this has got to be near the top of the list. canine lifetime health dot thanks. a huge show still ahead. giving f 16's tank in egypt. good plan? we'll be right back. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who
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6:01 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's january 26th. i'm alisyn camerota. day seven. deep freeze if you're keeping track at home. people across the country, insi inside instead of outside, when will we get relief? rick has the answer. >> tucker: and no one has held responsible for the murder of four americans in libya.
6:02 am
governor mike huckabee next with that. >> clayton: and the bird, the plane, it's superman, it is, superman is going to join us live this hour. miles, my son, i hope you're watching and that's superman and daddy is going to get to interview him. i am i'm a lucky man, hour four starts now. ♪ >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> it's a busy call center, really. fielding all of your complaints. >> alisyn: miles is familiar with the superman outfit since you wear it around at home a lot. >> clayton: i'll wear superman, and he'll have batman. daddy, you're superman and i'm batman. >> alisyn: an extreme weather alert for you this hour. the deep freeze across the country is making for dangerous conditions on the road, there are icy streets in north carolina and sent cars
6:03 am
off the road. no word yet if there has been anyone hurt in these accidents. >> tucker: in virginia, a slippery commute as well, a school bus going side ways, no traction on those roads and our in-house superman wondering if we will get a warm-up anytime soon. rick reichmuth, will it last through the spring, if the groundhog is wrong. >> rick: it will last through the winter. no, i can't say that. it does get better and then bad again, maybe next thursday or friday, but i don't think as bad as this time. the cold air is in place, although we saw this kind of color, coldest air was down here for much of this week, so it's retreating a little bit and temps are improving and lat he very, very cold. there's a new storm across the west and this is going to be a big weather maker, and trouble tomorrow across the plains, today. across the southwest, we'll take it, any kind of rain is
6:04 am
welcome, but this storm moves into the plains, and it's going to be this warm air moving over warm, moist air, moving over very cold temperatures and that means we'll see potentially an ice storm for tomorrow, places like iowa and eventually across areas of illinois, wisconsin and towards detroit. and across the plains that will be concerning. here are the temps, not as bad as it was, 22 in minneapolis, looking good. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. let's get your headlines and tell you what else is happening. deputy dense secretary ashton carter, a strong warning, saying that budget cuts will eventually hurt our efforts in afghanistan, maintenance, weapons, equipment will have to be reduced impacting military readiness and the pentagon has begun laying off 46,000 temporary and contracted workers, furloughed
6:05 am
full-time employees are in the work and they're facing cuts unless congress can agree on an alternative. new evidence that north korea may be ready it test its nuclear power. let's take a look at the satellite images, places where past nuclear tests were conducted and roads have been cleared of snow and trucks have been moving around on site and tunnels have been sealed in the past month and u.s. researchers say that north korea may set off a nuclear bomb inside the mountain soon. well, lance armstrong continuing his tour de truth. he says he now wants to help clean up cycling. a week after admitting to doping, his attorney says lance wants to testify before the cycling union and anti-doping agency and the anti-doping agency is giving lance armstrong until february 6th to possibly reduce the lifetime ban. and his attorney says it will not be met because of prior
6:06 am
commitments. and clayton's favorite story. unpredictable. >> this florida news reporter got more than she bargained for, it's a mistake when you get into a cage with goats. >> so come on out and meet the winners, the goats will be here through saturday. and they're very friendly. from the manatee county fair, linda carson, ab c7, would you not eat my pants? ahhh! (laughter) >> she's okay and linda carson doing a report on the animals when the friendly goat thought it was time for her to go. and someone wrote on twitter, if you stop petting them they get angry and-- >> i don't buy that. >> that was amimu sfrment.
6:07 am
>> we're in here and we need more space, governor, that's a point. great to see you. >> good to be with you, i guess that segment was not baaad. >> oh, wow! >> governor, let's talk about this, and we had the doctor johnson on the show to weigh in on this and i want your perspective on this, this is a shocking story to me. the numbers of staggering, the u.s. sending 16 f-16 fighters gets to egypt. >> four, four already. >> clayton: 16 total for the year. 200 abrams tanks on the way to egypt. 200 abrams tanks this year to egypt, a country that has been vocal, mohammed morsi has been vocal in his opposition and stance against the united states. are we to call them allies? these are the people we send jets to. >> well, this is an incredible thing. if you think about right now, while our government is
6:08 am
pondering legislation taking weapons out of the law-abiding citizens and where' thinking about egyptian's president who called jews blood-suckers and descendents of apes and pigs. i wonder what would be the reaction if benjamin netanyahu said that any country was blood suckers and descendents of apes and pigs, there would be sanctions imposed and condemnations. i wonder why is there any responsibility attributed to the people of egypt for their president's comment and why is the united states arming a nation that is not even commits to honor the peace treaty that egypt has. the argument is this, well, but we had this agreement in place, well, you also have a peace agreement with israel in
6:09 am
place. until you promise that you will honor it, then we shouldn't be honoring any type of commitment that was made with a previous government in a completely different constitution. >> tucker: i'm wondering, governor, who does the administration mantel who the weapons will be used against. these are not trainers, they're high-tech aircrafts. who do they think is the recipient of these planes? >> that's a great point, tucker, because it's pretty evident that nobody's launched an attack on egypt in quite some time the only conflict they've had was with their own people who overthrew the previous government and now the people doing the overthrowing probably wish they hadn't done it, they end up with the muslim brotherhood as harsh and brutal to them as anything under mubarak and you're right about the weaponry we're sending to them. one of the thrills of my life as a governor was to be able to fly in an f-16 with air
6:10 am
national guard, an amazing military machine, even though it's been around a while, it's one of the staples of our air defense system. not just that they're getting the jets, but the technology that goes with it it. so, they not only have that technology, but they know our technology, and the israelisfully f-16's they'll know the israeli technology as well and it doesn't make any sense at all. >> real quickly on this topic, quick. why -- we have a long history of arming a people, country that we end up then fighting later, many years later. and it it's not accidental that this is happening, that we're providing this, these aircraft, these weapons to them. is it possible this could wind up coming back to bite us in such a way we'll end up fighting the very tanks we're sending over there? >> well, it wouldn't be the first time that's happened. and again, i just want to point out the incredible and illogical conclusion that we have as a government. on one hand, to foreign
6:11 am
countries that have shown hostility to our true allies and friends, we're willing to arm them, while at the same time we're wanting to disarm our own citizens. now, if somebody from the administration can explain how that makes sense, please, get in touch with me, i'd like to put you on my show tonight, because that would be quite a story. >> alisyn: let's talk about hillary clinton's appearance before the committee trying to investigate what went wrong in benghazi. when she was pressed about why there doesn't seem to have been anybody held accountable at the state department for the missed cables and warning signs, she said that current federal regulation limits what disciplinary action can be taken. does that make sense? >> no, it didn't make any sense. when you have people who are dead, and you say that you can't hold people responsible, that's absurd. you can hold them possibly in a number of ways, not only in terms of employment, but i think an investigation should be fully launched and
6:12 am
transparent enough. i'm not saying there was criminal intent. i don't think there was. i don't think anybody had any inkling that something th horrible would happen, but i don't think it's intentional, incompetence. we know there was a trail, startening the spring desperate cables, saying we need help, security is not strong. we saw other countries, including the u.k. pull their ambassadors out of libya, because it wasn't safe. yet, we stood by and did nothing, and even the midst of the attack when people like general ham were wanting to send troops, we could scream some aircraft offer to provide some cover, we did nothing and didn't even know where the ambassador was for 11 hours. it's an outrageous failure of duty. >> tucker: when it's so frustrating to watch no one be held responsible on the administration, and in libya, republicans it seems to me, ought to be the ones pushing
6:13 am
for accountability and they're spending most of the time attacking each other and of course the president wants to be dividing the republican party, but they seem to be doing that job for them. what recommendation would you give to the republican aim their fire outside their tent? >> the republicans have to make sure that they understand and they communicate. this is not a political witch hunt. this is just to embarrass the administration, this is the same kind of accountability that i think one has expected and should expect of a president and an administration regardless of the party, because when you have an ambassador that's killed, an ambassador being killed is like an american official being killed on american soil. >> right. >> and we wouldn't tolerate that. we would demand answers and we haven't in benghazi. in fact, not only have we not demanded the answers as i think as forth coming as we should, but the problem is that the administration has consistently changed their story and it is evolved from
6:14 am
this spontaneous reaction to a youtube video. now they're saying, oh, well, we called it terrorism. but they did not, not for 17 days did they acknowledge that it was truly a terrorist attack and not just some mob. >> alisyn: governor, quickly, who is on your show tonight? >> we're going to have susanna huff who will have a perspective on the second amendment and why she thinks that people being able to protect themselves is important. she lost both parents in the luby's shooting tack 30 years ago. and we had guns and god and jim and kill kelly, the former mvp will be with us and they'll talk about the struggles through infidelity and the loss of a child so we'll run the gamut tonight. it's a great show. >> alisyn: sounds great. we'll be tuning in. >> good to talk to you. >> tucker: coming up, a christian pastor thrown behind bars because of his beliefs in
6:15 am
iran. and we'll have his wife would yous now he's flipping houses on tv and a gadget guru. do you realize that vanilla ice is encroaching on your territory. >> clayton: a smackdown. and vanilla ice is coming in. and season three of his show will launch coming up. ♪ rolling in my 5. ♪ can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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6:18 am
mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> we have now details this morning about american pastor abedini, imprisoned in iran since december and believed to have gone missing this week. >> alisyn: miss family teamed up with the american law and justice and hoping for his release. and joining us is his wife naghmeh abedini. and the director for the american center for law and
6:19 am
justice, as well. and naghmeh, let me start with you. what is the update on your husband's whereabouts and conditions? >> good morning, this morning his family in iran was able to go and to the different office that is register the prisoners and they were able to find out that he was in ward 3, hall 1 of the prison. he was on that list. they haven't specifically seen him yet. they were told that visitations are on mondays, but that's the location they were told he's at. >> tucker: jordan, the pastor is an american citizen. how is our state department responding to this? >> you know, two kinds of breaking news, and a third part of the story we haven't got to yet. yesterday after fox news has been covering this since the day we went public, you have to make that decision when you represent families like this because it can add more pressure. miss his family in tehran is
6:20 am
under house arrest and they have to tell the police and get an okay from them. the state department, following the white house, interesting enough, when jay carney, responding to white house, fox news radio correspondent, asking him about pastor saeed made a strong planned statement and 15 or 20 minutes later so did the spokeswoman for the state department. so we got that movement and then we were able for the first time since monday to know where he's located in the prison and more news, close family friend who was trying to get bail for the family went back to the court today, this is their monday in iran, to get some of the money back because if he tried to do bail one more time for the family and pastor saeed, we'll raid your job. and the nasty court administration, the right-hand man of the hanging judge in this case, why isn't his
6:21 am
lawyer here? he's supposed to get out today. we're getting this information typical out of iran, like torture for the family. >> alisyn: how is it for you? it must be nerve wracking and heart sickening. >> yes, it's good to know at least on paper where he's at. we don't know-- we haven't seen him physically and we hope that his family is able to see him on monday, but in terms of him continuing the government saying, telling him and then his family and he's going to be released, we've heard it so many times, they told the person who was getting his bail back, because they forced them to get it back, they threatened him. they told him, the lawyers, they didn't notify the lawyer or the family, but they said, oh, we're releasing him, the lawyer should be here and so it's -- i don't -- until saeed is back in the u.s. >> alisyn: we're going to have to leave it there. naghmeh and george, thank you for coming in and give us an
6:22 am
update. let's hope those are all good signs. >> thank you. >> tucker: he's left rapping behinds and now flipping houses on television and he's become a gadget guru. vanilla ice is here live coming up. ♪ tt=eá7bhppmg4fé'f'kws?@5
6:23 am
6:24 am
6:25 am
>> ♪ ♪ ice, ice, baby ♪ ♪ now that the party is jumping... ♪ >> that's an unforgettable piece of cultural iconographery, and two decades later, he's changed his tune
6:26 am
and he's in the home show, vanilla ice. >> leaks everywhere and water fall inside. let's get on this thing. >> installing stylish tile. a massive undertaking and a sweet sky deck and a custom staircase. >> that's tough. but mother nature has another plan. >> all hands on deck. >> joining us now the host of the vanilla ice project, diy network, rob van winkle. >> thanks for having me back. and congratulations on the success of the vanilla ice project. you look like you're having fun on the show. >> it is, it's a lot work and i'm not a celebrity, let's just talk about it. i get in there and mix it up with the guys and get dirty and it's rewarding and polish it up from zero to hero. >> and putting up drywall and-- >> absolutely, i get up there and running with the guys.
6:27 am
at the end of the day i'm as dirty as they are and we have a lot of fun. >> has it gotten more challenging with the economy and the housing market? >> you know what, hot little pockets out there and in palm beach there's quite a few of them. and i'm just taking of that little market right there. i know it very well and it's coming back good, so love showcasing it. >> and one of the things, i was out at the consumer electronic shows in vegas, home automation, a lot of people want home automation, that can make their lives easier and hooked up to the home wi-fi. and you're he something after gadget guru and you're going to show what's in the home. >> in my house i have the smart house system where you use your phone, a lot of people have like four different remotes in front of the tv for the dvr, dvd and input button be and now you can pull out your phone and get rid of the remote controls, but we've got cool gadgets here. this is one of them. and not as expensive as the ones we're using on the show,
6:28 am
so, shows you an economical way to do this. you can plug these things in and use your smart phone and it will pick this up right here and you can turn the heights on and off, and anything you plug in, basically, and use your phone. >> this is from bell kin, this is a motion sensor, i use one of these during the holidays to plug in christmas lights, to go on 4 p.m. and turn off after midnight. >> it's a cool thing or with your wife and kids or whatever. >> and make the house haunted, that's fun. >> this is a scale and it will keep track on your iphone as well or your smart phone, you know, it will keep track of your weight and everything, anybody want to give it a try? no. >> it works on your wi-fi network, too, and track your calories. >> yeah, track your calories and you know, keep yourself in shape. >> we have to be morning people even if we're not naturally morning people.
6:29 am
what can the energy egg do for us. >> the energy egg is going to protect you from burning down the house, pretty much. plug in your stove or any, maybe your iron, your hair iron, whatever you need and turn it off automatic, so, it knows when you leave the room and give it a timer and shut it off and keep everything safe. >> the energy egg. >> it's great. and music man yourself you've got to love this, the i-shower, the i-shower. who doesn't sing in the shower, a great song for you. >> and you rap it. >> i rap and sing. how about you. >> no. >> no singing? >> no. >> be honest. >> come on, better late than never. everybody sings in the shower and play your play list on your smart phone and-- ♪ that's it right there. ♪ ice, ice baby ♪ >> cool little device and play your whole play list and you know, you can set your phone down out there and tell
6:30 am
if you've got a phone call and jump out of the shower all wet, i guess, but cool entertainment. >> and hit the bluetooth button and play back and forth and don't worry about getting your ipad or iphone wet in the shower. >> alisyn: that's tomorrow on the diy 10 a.m. and we look forward to the season. >> thank you. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: coming up on the show. this teacher thought stomping the american flag was a good lesson. he was fired, but wants his job back. do you think he should get it? we're reading your e-mails coming up. the perfect super bowl snack, beer infused pizza, two great tastes together. make it at home and the brew master at sam adams is here to tell you how. ♪
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6:34 am
>> i've got it. >> oh my gosh! oh, oh, oh. >> is that real? that's your unbelievable shot of the morning, johnnie football manziel, for the
6:35 am
heisman quarter. and threw a football from the top of the field into a football hoop on the grass below. you can't get further back on the stadium almost looked like a joke, but it worked. and as far as i can tell, people are making baskets from far impossible shots. it can't be that hard and we show them every howard. >> 700,000 views on youtube so far, i'm dubious if it's real. and that kobe bryant video and jumped over the car. >> alisyn: his friends act like it's real. >> and rick. >> rick: i don't buy it. all right, guys, we had a storm yesterday across parts of the south and a lot of ice
6:36 am
across eastern tennessee and parts of north carolina and a lot of messages on facebook and twitter how much ice they had and made it it rough conditions, rough conditions this morning. be careful as you head out. that storm is gone and lake effect snow behind that and now we'll turn our attention to the ice storm across parts of the plains. an area we don't typically see ice, more snow. but freezing rain advisories in across parts of iowa and winter storm watches in effect across minnesota and parts of wisconsin and iowa, missouri, illinois and over towards geri, as well. we'll watch that. part of this storm, kind of a rainout day across, much of arizona really, later on in towards new mexico and we need the rain here, it's good, but for your saturday not exactly when you want to see it. this storm tonight moves into parts of the plains and tomorrow morning, you're going to start to see that ice, it's 32 degrees in des moines, very cold on the surface and it hits the ground and freezes on contact and that's where the danger comes, by the
6:37 am
afternoon, moving in towards the chicago area and parts of wisconsin and eventually a little bit of ice towards detroit, but the temps behind this warm up a lot, great news and quickly, we'll jump ahead, four days from now, towards tuesday, look at the temperatures, 50's, 60's, 70's, where it's cold out. great news. >> let's look at your headlines and what else is happening in the news, president obama reportedly violated the constitution. that's the decision from a federal appeals court which ruled that the president's move to bypass the senate and fill three spots on national labor relations board last year was illegal. the president says he had the right make the so-called recess appointments because the senators were away for the holidays, but the court says they were technically still in session. richard cordray as head of the consumer protection financial bureau in jeopardy. the white house disagrees, but no word if it will appeal. imagine looking out your plane window and seeing this during the flight. that's the engine and caught
6:38 am
on fire after lightning struck the plane in turkey, as you can see the lights inside the plane were flickering on and off during the incident and caught on cell phone video and passengers you can imagine were scared, but the plane landed safely. no one was hurt. so we told you about that south carolina high school teacher that threw an american flag on the ground and stomped it during class to demonstrate freedom, he said. scott compton was fired and asking for his job back. and here is what some of had to say, annette from connecticut, maybe the english teacher should teach the students about the men and women who gave their lives so we may have the freedom. he was actually trying to teach that. terry from amarillo, texas wrote this teacher should never have been fired in the first place. i will stand my right and his to free speech to the death. and marcus from kentucky, the teacher is a fool. there are several other ways to show freedom to a kid without disgracing the flag. i think of we've covered the spectrum of responses, thanks
6:39 am
for sending those in. let's go to the guys who are eating some beer. >> clayton: eating some beer. alisyn, spoken like a person who doesn't drink a lot of beer. what's better than pizza, beer and football? and how to throw the best super bowl party ever. jim cook, founder and brew master of sam adams beer, and changed your expectations about beer, glad to have you. >> thank you. >> tucker: you've combined two great american flavors, beer and pizza? >> we're getting ready for the super bowl. this is football and get rid of the wine and the pate' and the escargot, we're talking pizza, we're talking beer and we're going to, like amp everything up a notch. >> i would get angry with my wife for taking like the good beer out of the fridge and infusing it in food. grab the other stuff, why a sam adams? because why? you want the good ingredients. >> yeah, exactly, 'cause the
6:40 am
quality of you know, your meal depends on the quality of the ingredients. we're making pizza dough we didn't use water, that's boring. we replaced it with samdams boston lagger and give the dough some caramel notes from the roasted malt and some spiceness from the hops. you're just not going to get it from the water. >> tucker: how many pieces do i have to eat to be able to not drive home? (laughter) can i give it to my kids? >> you can eat as many as you like and your kids can eat it, because the heat obviously drives the alcohol out, but leaves the carbonation, so you get a lighter, crisper dough than you would, which is water. >> within the crust itself. you have the boston lagger infused crust there and putting some sauce on there, and you have the sauce? >> and these are simple, i mean, the nice things about the pieces is you can make it from just the ingredients that you get at the grocery store,
6:41 am
but we've made them interesting by making a new orleans pizza, and a san francisco pizza, and a baltimore pizza, the new orleans has your standard mozzarella and tomato sauce, we've got mardi gras colors, purple unonce, golden peppers and when it comes out of the oven, basil on top of it. so we're-- >> here is the finished product, the new orleans pizza, right. >> yeah, that's it with the sam adams infused crust and the recipes from a pizza school where you can learn to make pizza. >> tucker: how many beer do americans consume during super bowl sunday? >> not enough. you're the only one who thinks that. move super bowl sunday to a saturday. >> no, in new england we're going to be drowning our sorrows in sam adams.
6:42 am
>> i love the maryland blue crab and here is a baltimore pizza, a crab cake pizza. >> yeah, it's a white pizza and use crab meat. go to the grocery store, you don't need a hammer to mash up the shells. it's got ricotta cheese in it. >> tucker: looks unbelievable. >> all of these are great with a big flavorful beer like sam adams. >> clayton: and finally the san francisco pizza. >> a pimento, pesto pizza. >> tucker: one of the great innovators in the country. >> i just want to have good beer to drink. >> tucker: next on the rundown, teachers learning to serve and protect. ainsley is talking to one of them live from a texas gun range coming up. >> clayton: and ali. not going believe this, superman is in the studio and
6:43 am
superman will join us live in the show. >> alisyn: you mean more that you in your underoos? ♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> the recent proposal for a widespread crackdown on guns led many to fight for their rights, teachers. >> and teachers can learn to shoot free of charge. tell us what you're learning, ainsley. >> reporter: yeah, only about $70 a class here at katie, texas and today they're waving that fee for teachers and many are signing up. there are about 45 in the class and half of teachers or
6:47 am
work in a school district and we have a principal of a texas-- i won't say the name of your school, of a private school here in texas. this is beckly, thank you for being with us. tell us why you're taking the class today? >> i want today take advantage of the free class they're offering and i'm here. >> and are you here because you have to carry a firearm into the hallway? >> that's not been decided, that would be a board decision so we haven't talked about that yet. >> and i believe that guns, there might be a place in schools for guns if there's a certain area assigned for that, but i don't know right now, it's too early to think if teachers should carry them around. >> personally, you have two children at home and taking this to protect them as well. right. >> reporter: what are teachers at your schools saying about teachers taking the classes. >> a lot of parents encourage me to take it. >> reporter: what have they said. >> and i've heard you're taking the class, and thank you, i'm glad you're doing that.
6:48 am
>> alisyn: thanking you. >> and they're supportive. >> reporter: what about the other teachers in your school? did you open up an invite for them to join you? >> i let them know they were offering this for teachers. one of our teachers actually got hers here the past summer. >> reporter: oh, really? and how did you hear about it? >> someone actually told me about it. >> reporter: and word on the street in katy, texas. >> a texas thing to do. >> reporter: and what about have you changed anything in the last month, month and a half? >> we do, and possibly looking at panic buttons on teachers or around the school and parents who are police officers or in the force somewhere so they've been planting to train our school quite a bit. >> reporter: i don't know if we're rolling the video. we saw you shooting and you can see back here, guys, the range. this is on the other side of the wall shall the range where
6:49 am
we've been shoeiwing you earlier in the show and you were doing this earlier. you were quite a good shot. have you been trained before? >> i've shot a gun. >> reporter: and y hit the heart on the target every single time. how did it feel. >> i like guns, it's fun. >> reporter: and you take your kids shooting. >> skeet shooting. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> no problem, thank you. >> reporter: and back to you guys in the studio, alisyn, tucker, clayton, over to you. >> clayton: thanks so much, ainsley. >> alisyn: an interesting development that so many teachers and principals are turning out and if people are going to have guns you want them to be incredibly well trained and obviously, gunfire arms, safety experts around the country are really seeing an uptick in people interested. >> tucker: and normal people with guns. >> clayton: coming up on the show, i don't know if these guys are normal, but i love them. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's superman. and everybody on the beach
6:50 am
wondering what it is, it's superman. we're going to explain and have the creators of this and superman live when we come back. ♪ try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ♪ so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the rd like progressive commercial auto.
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[ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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6:53 am
>> hey, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's superman!. >> clayton: remember that classic cartoon? recently beach goers thought they were seeing the man of steel. it's video, watching superman fly by only not quite. joining us from california, the man behind the impressive model that will everyone fooled and huge hits on yooub, here to tell us what it is.
6:54 am
otto, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning, clayton, good morning, "fox & friends" we're here in carlsbad at the beach where the viral video of superman was shot with my able assistance trei owens was caught launching superman and inundated with phone calls and today missing is joe bono our assistant, but it's his birthday and gave him the day off. >> you were a test pilot for the air force, and you're use today creating things and i'm sure people wondered about ufo's when you were flying the different aircraft. how did you create this. >> yes, we do, well, i like to inspire people with my raegss and my son, who is a come oakland counic con artist, challenged me to build a superman with cape
6:55 am
even at comic con, and when kids see it their eyes light up and-- >> i know my son is watching at home and loves superman, can you launch it for us? it looks like a modified model airplane? >> it's made out of foam and we're going to take off. >> to launch how do you position it? >> just like that, superman is up in the air and do a fly by right by the camera. >> is there a propeller? >> you can see it's a little overcast this morning. >> okay, so, sort of hollow in the center. >> we'll go up. it's amazing. >> it's made out of depron foam and a half hour engine and a kit available for those interested. >> you can actually buy one of these? >> yeah, you can buy it in a
6:56 am
kit, from balsa and a detailed instructions how to build them. >> you have an idea, an innovation, for about $350 in parts you went down to a hobby shop and started building this and putting it together. what's been the reaction from kids that will see this on the beach, otto? >> well, i tend to disrupt all activities no matter where i go. and as i say, i've stopped many a soccer game and many a baseball game at local parks when i launch him. because first of all, you can't believe it. it took me three months to get use today flying the human form in the sky, for years i've been flying model airplanes, and real planes. >> clayton: how difference is it than model airplanes. >> the arrow dynamics, are
6:57 am
different. and when i do a loop, the back falls out. and anybody who has flown will understand. >> i'm trying to fly tight because we have the fog here. >> clayton: and see right through that, he has x-ray vision and can see through fog and burn that off. how do you land it? can you bring him in for a landing? >> yeah, but he doesn't land very gracefully, but he rolls up on his nose and i'll bring him around and land. >> clayton: have him land as we go to break. >> we've got plenty of time. here i'll bring him around and land him coming into the camera. >> clayton: you're amazing. there he goes! >> not very graceful, but successful. >> clayton: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. we'll sweet out a link where to buy one of these.
6:58 am
>> go out to rc or balsa >> we'll be right back. x [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. fact is, when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips go below the enamel surface to whiten as well as $500 professional treatments, at a fraction of the cost. guaranteed, or your money back. crest. life opens up when you do.
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want a whiter smile today? try 2 hour express whitestrips.
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